Mangaluru: St Gerosa School Spreads Love and Service through Education and Morals for 50 Years

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Mangaluru: June 1914- St Gerosa School opened its door to educate the girls and make them start a new career in their lives- and today I join you all in celebrating the Golden Jubilee of this prestigious school belonging to a prestigious Congregation of Nuns- the Sisters of Charity. St Gerosa School fosters and values initiative amongst its pupils, and the school solely caters to the needs of the children of poor parents. St.Gerosa School, Mangaluru belongs to the management of Sisters of Charity of St.Bartolomea Capitanio and Vincenza Gerosa  (SCCG).The congregation of SCCG was started in 1832 in Italy. According to the Congregation  Charism, the Sisters render their service to the children, youth ,sick and the most needy. In 1860 a sister came to India and then to Mangalore. 1964 is a milestone which needs to be celebrated and remembered with pride- and that’s the “Golden Jubilee Celebrations of St Gerosa School” with the theme ” Let Your Light Shine”.


Several generations of students have spent their formative years in this School, carried their future education and have gone on to make their mark in the worlds of business, public service, education, health, law and in so many other areas, in the process making enormously valuable contributions to our economy, our community life,  and our progression as a society. Many well known people have passed through this school  and have acknowledged benefiting from the holistic education they received here and from an environment which encourages every girl/boy to realise her possibilities and reach her full potential. The pupils are very fortunate to benefit from a school and dedicated staff that continues to take a holistic approach to the education of its students, integrating the social, personal and academic aspects of educational provision.




The wide range of extra-curricular activities supported by the school is impressive and includes, I believe, field trips, visits to galleries and museums, co-curricular activities, musical performances and participation in many competitive events which support and enhance curricular learning. Meanwhile, the strong focus on the care and support of all students and on providing a positive learning environment allows pupils to develop into well-rounded young people prepared to face life with confidence; a confidence that the values which they have embraced, and the skills and knowledge which they have acquired, will equip them well in building their future lives.

We all should know that nuns are called to help the community and to spread the word of God. Most of them spend their time in silent prayer and reflection. They head out into the community to do whatever they can, education, being spiritual directors, doing youth guidance and counseling or offering up any other talents they have in the name of God. Some are teachers while others work in charitable causes. Nuns serve a very important life in the church and normally are dedicated to the Church and Christ more than most others. And no doubt that the Sisters of Charity have served the community in the field of education and also in many other ways for the betterment of the St Gerosa Institution.






Jubilees are milestones giving hope and encouragement in the journey forward ,such events bring with them a message of joy and happiness far beyond the ordinary! 50 years have passed since St.Gerosa School sparkled with its first light. St.Gerosa can boldly say that, through past 50 years they have excelled in every initiative that they undertook and have stood together in providing quality education. In all this they have made every effort to be sensitive and compassionate to the marginalized and the person in need .This is the unique character of the Sisters of Charity.

The word ‘golden jubilee’ speak volumes for the glory in which the school lies submerged. For a period of 5 decades it has unfailingly sent out students who are capable of being good citizens on whom the nation can count for the upliftment of the downtrodden. The roots of the present lie in the past and so to the past, so let’s look back to the years when the scaffolds of St Gerosa School were formed.





One of the aspects of St.Bartolomea‘s charism was the education of the poor young girls. It was the time when there wasn’t any High school for the girls of Jeppu orphanage and from the weaker sections of the society around Jeppu –Valencia-Attavar areas. Sr.Carolina Carena, the then superior of the Holy Infant Mary’s convent, Jeppu, materialized the vision of St.Bartolomea strove to actualize the idea of opening St.Gerosa High School which would open out opportunities for secondary education for the underprivileged and dropped-out young girls.

God’s ways are wonderful and any work undertaken in his name always blossom and bears fruit. So, it was in June 1964 a section of Eighth of the Gerosa High School was opened in the premises of the Infant Mary’s Higher Primary School-Jeppu with Sr.Lilia Pinto as the headmistress. Standard nine was opened in June 1965 along with nursery and primary class I of the English medium. In the year 1964,  2 ½ acres of land was given to the convent on lease by the Late .Rev. Raymond D’Mello, Bishop of Mangalore and the foundation stone was laid for the new school building.



In 1966, when Sr.Lilia was transferred, her post was filled up by Sr.Immaculate Constantini, who took great joy in leading the school to progress both in academics and morals. In 1968, with the inauguration of the new school building with three floors, became the centre of attraction and a God-sent gift to the young girls not only from the neighborhood, but also from Ullal, Cascia and Bajal.

In 1969, when Sr.Immaculate was retired, Sr. Egidia Monterio took charge as the Headmistress .The zealous efforts of Sr.Egidia coupled with those of the newly recruited staff members went a long way in motivation, personality development and character building of the students. The second new building was blessed and inaugurated by late Rt Rev.Basil D’Souza, the then Bishop of Mangalore  in 1973. Sr.Raphel Gomes who took charge as the head mistress in 1974 gives a steady record of her devoted service till 1979.

The history of Gerosa School turns over a new page when Sr. Bernadine D’Souza stepped into the school as H.M. in Jeppu 1979. An open air stage and galleries all round the play ground were constructed under her supervision. In June 1982 Sr.Inez Rasquinha took over the charge as the headmistress and the athletics section got a fresh impetus and many students brought laurels to the school by winning gold, silver and bronze medals at the Taluk, District and State levels. Sr.Adele Korah who took charge in 1985, with her gifts of head and heart geared the school towards better achievement in academic and moral levels. The new block of the nursery school, which also served as a dais for open air functions which was constructed during her term.




Sr.Olive Vas, with her gentle ways and hard work of the staff members inspired the students to compete in science projects on various themes and they won at the state level and national level in two successive years. In 1993 the administration of Gerosa School was bifurcated into high school and primary Sr.Genevie and Sr.Anandi rendered laudable service in the upbringing of primary school. And Sr.Marcelline Braggs continues with renewed fervor the same service.

Sr.Stephanie took charge as the Head-Mistress in 2000 as a quiet and hard working person, where she led the institution with serenity and left an impression of her selfless service on all those who came in touch with her. Sr.Wilma Pinto full of zeal and enthusiasm brought the school to the lime light-to the circle of leading schools of the city. When she was transferred in 2012, Sr Emma took over as H.M and together with the support of Correspondent Sr.Marcelline Braggs, staff, students and the parent-teachers association and Ex-students are on the threshold of the golden jubilee celebration.

During these 50 years, more than 20,000 students have passed through the portals of St. Gerosa School and at present 1,508 students study here and 57 teaching and non-teaching staff render their loving service towards the students. This school provides well furnished science lab, library, computer lab and noon meals with the scheme of ‘Akshara Daasova’.  There are varieties of clubs like School Parliament, Science, Echo, Art, Literature, Sports, Mathematics, Dance and Music, Mea Club, Guides and Bulbuls etc,. Students with difficulties are provided with needed books, uniform and fees. The institution was founded with a motto of providing education to girls of the weaker sections of the society. This school has not been taking any donations or funds from the parents or children and it is been rendering service and education free to the Kannada medium, and at a very reasonable fee to the English medium.



During the course of these 50 years, St Gerosa students have reached national level in throw ball, karate, hurdles, hundred meter race and so on and so forth. The jubilee year was inaugurated on 16th January, 2014, and since then various projects/programmes were planned and carried out,  namely :Inauguration of the jubilee year; Spiritual orientation of parents and students; Get-together of past and present staff and ex-student; Inter school competition; Exhibition at school levels; Ex-students get together; Children’s Day celebration; Fancy fete, ‘fun and fund raising; “Sharing and caring” with the poor; and Grand Finale on 5th January, 2015

St Gerosa School’s Vision for Future is: To raise healthy society for Mother India by bringing up our students to ground well in values and humanity; Through the play field and outdoor activities, student’s energies are channelized towards building up of a healthy physique and a clear mind; Through the ‘poor fund’ to give every child an opportunity to complete the high school education. To commemorate this great memorable occasion the school has taken its dream of providing better  sporting arena for the students who have now reached to national level in athletics,  and a stadium has come up which will be inaugurated on the the 5th Jan 2015.

Message from Sr.Marcellina Braggs- Correspondent/Primary School HM:


“St.Gerosa School in Mangalore has reached the Golden moment in its history. The Jubilee of an educational institution is undoubtedly an important milestone that gives an opportunity to look backwards on the distance traveled to look forward to the journey that lies ahead. As I ponder over the fifty glorious years of St.Gerosa ‘s existence and growth, my heart fills with admiration and pride for the fertile soil which the school provides to the kids who enter its portal and live as responsible human beings .In the span of fifty years, the school has supported its pupils by providing them opportunities and challenges that have enabled them to inculcate values of concern, commitment and service ,together with a sharp intellect honed with knowledge and understanding.



If St.Gerosa is what it is today, it has carved a niche of itself in the field of education, the credit goes to the pioneers who laid its strong foundation, the successive Headmistresses who worked with vision and passion, the committed staff both teaching and non-teaching, the students, parents and well-wishers of St.Gerosa .It is God Almighty who ultimately reveals the depths of our resources and strengthens our spirit to strive higher levels of excellence. May the abundant blessings of the good Lord be with everyone who strives to keep the school flag forever fluttering”.

Message from Sr.Emma- Head-Mistress of High School :


“It is indeed a matter of great jubilation to note that our institution is completing 50 years of its existence in January 2015 all efforts have been geared to celebrate the golden Jubilee. First and foremost to thank God for his abundant blessings in guiding the institution the staff and students along with the management and those at the helm of affairs in particular during this span of time .For “ if the Lord does not build the house ,in vain do it’s builders labor.

St.Gerosa all along its journey has striven towards excellence with the collaboration of all the concern namely faculty, non-teaching staff, parents, students and well-wishers, to each one of whom we convey are sincere and profound appreciation with an ardent hope that they will ever continue to support and stand by the institution which they cherish so much and pray that Golden Jubilee effulgent rays bestow on us blessings bond and celebration.

Dwelling in the past we are full of hope for the future our students who were merely children have turned into luminaries in their own right today. They are every way in the field of academics, politics, sports, creative art or file pushers in the corridors of power. We are happy that the mission of St.Gerosa still continues satisfactorily. ‘ We have promises to keep and miles to go’  Let us then be up and doing with a heart for any fate ,still achieving .Still pursuing .May God bless us all and may are school grow and blossom under the guidance of St.Gerosa the patron of our school.



“LET YOUR LIGHT SHINE” covers the entire theme of the jubilee celebrations .May this ignite good will and blessing in all so that we shine out in this life’s challenging toss. Explore all possible means to emerge as happy person’s to merge together on this occasion to share to refresh and continue to inspire”.

Message from Rita D’Souza- Ex-Student/Vice President of Gerosa Ex-Students Association (GEXSA) :


” I am so overwhelmed and proud of myself to tell that I am a Gerosian, and grown up with the school for the past 4 decades. Going down the memory lane, way back in the 1970s when I joined St. Gerosa school as a tiny tot in the kindergarten, I was nurtured so well by the sisters with all love and care, education was imparted to every individual with attention and above all the affection and friendly rapport they maintained with all children is deep rooted in me.

Sr. Alfreda, the then sports teacher had identified and ignited my sportive activities while I was in 7th std, and I started with Kho-Kho and even took part at the Dasara Meets at Mysore. I switched on to Athletics in the 8th std onwards and with one victory at Gerosa, I was selected to Represent the District, and the State at Junior Athletic Meets and Women’s Meet, Dasara Meet and later there was no looking back. I was the champion of the school during those days in 1980s  and the support I got from the school, and the headmistress and my sports teacher was abundant.

After having finished my schooling at Gerosa School, I was selected by the sports hostel- Govt of Karnataka and also did my college at St. Agnes-Mangaluru, but it was St Gerosa school which had brought in the real sportsman in me to reach up to the national  level. The much hard work, dedication and commitment has given fruits, a job blessed at Corporation Bank, the career has not stopped at Corp Bank which continued in sportive activities for many years- in these years I have represented the bank in the Banks Olympiad and the national level sports and also at the Asian Masters Athletic meet at Bangkok.

With a heart full of gratitude towards this school for all what I am now, I feel it’s my duty to do my best  to the school in this golden jubilee year which has really rejuvenated all the ex Gerosians. Being the Vice President of the GEXSA, (Gerosa Ex-Students Association) I am still closely associated with this school, and I feel proud of my Alma Mater”.

Therefore, all those who have been touched, inspired and cared by the St Gerosa community of religious nuns should express their thanks and gratitude to them for helping shape your ideals and beliefs. They taught you to respect your elders, practice self-control, diagram sentences, memorize poems, genuflect in Church, say your prayers, pray the rosary, send money to missions, involve in community services, collect holy cards of all the many saints, reflect about your lives, “what you did, what you should have done and what you failed to do” and how to clap erasers and carry your books and bags to the school/convent.





In conclusion, You too will leave this school and go out into the world to place your unique mark on your communities and societies. My wish for you is that, like the generations that have gone here before you, most of you will look back on your days in St Gerosa School with great gratitude and affection. In years to come you may not remember all of the mathematical theorems that you learnt here, or the other subject, but you will remember the friendships, the support and the security that came with knowing you were part of the St Gerosa family.

Wherever you may find yourselves in the world in future years, you will always remain connected in a profound way to the people you share this hall with today; the people who have played such a significant part in your formative years and who will remain central to your memories of the place you will always think of as ‘your’ school. Finally, to the Sisters of Charity, who taught their students back in the “good old days,” and also for their other services, they deserve our “thank you” and “God bless you.”  I end this tribute with a thought-provoking message:

“As you serve the Lord with all your heart and his life shines through you to light the way for others, may you rejoice in knowing what a difference you are making in His kingdom. For the work, love and goodwill that you spread throughout the Sisters of Charity Congregation and community, may God bless you all “. feels proud to be associated with St Gerosa School during their joyous “Golden Jubilee Celebrations” by giving wide coverage to the event. Team Mangalorean wishes the management, staff and students all success in the forthcoming celebrations. We also wish the present Correspondent/headmistress of Primary School Sr Marcellina Braggs, and High School HM Sr Emma all success in the years to come. Long live St Gerosa School, and “Let The Light Shine” on everyone that walks through the portals of this school.

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