Karnataka Social Club-Bahrain hosts Konkan Idol 2018

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Karnataka Social Club-Bahrain hosts Konkan Idol 2018

The Karnataka Social Club-Bahrain in its endeavour to promote and encourage the youngsters of the club to be in touch with their native language of Konkani held the Konkan Idol 2018, a Konkani singing competition. The contest was divided into three age groups so that children between 5 and 18 could compete with others around the same age.

The contest was initiated last year with 20 contestants. This year has seen a steady increase with 24 contestants with many singing to the tunes of popular Konkani singers like late Mr Wilfy Remimbus, Meena and Vishwas Remimbus.

The trio of judges Sidney Correa, Teena D’Souza and Sushma D’Souza all former participants of Gulf Voice of Mangalore (Bahrain edition) acknowledged the fact that though not all could win this time but had the necessary talent to win in the next edition.

In the 5-8 age group, top honours went to Evan Sequeira, Aliyana Pereira and Roville Sequeira.

The age group 8-12 saw two young girls Alvita Pereira and Delisha Fernandes respectively as the winner and runner-up.

The senior age group 12-18 saw two budding teenagers Orville Sequeira and Lareena Quadros winning the honours.

Prizes were given to all the winners by the President Sunil D’Souza and all who participated were given a small gift by the Gen. Secretary Vinay Sequeira.

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  1. It is gratifying to witness such a large congregation of young students prevailing in Bahrain and that is a good evidence to realize the size of Karnataka communities that exist in a small Kingdom. Having children at the workplace in the Gulf countries is the best advantage Indian parents can enjoy so that the parents can give their very best to their employers and create a mutual benefit for all.

    Children of Indian origin growing in the Gulf region have a multiple advantage. Not only the parents can witness their children growth in their very presence, but also many of the prospective students can always plan their further Academic education abroad with a greater support and confidence.

    Having children in the Gulf makes the working environment much easier and more comfortable. We had our own two sons born and raised in Saudi Arabia, and we knew some of the best advantages of having them in our very presence and witness their growth and welfare.

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