‘Kasaikane Hatao, Smart City Bachao’! Saffron Outfits against U T Khader’s Rs 15 Cr Abattoir Plan

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‘Kasaikane (Slaughter House/Abattoir) Hatao, Smart City Bachao’! Saffron Outfits against U T Khader’s Rs 15 Cr Abattoir Plan

  • ‘Spending Rs 15 Crore on Abattoir, Is it U T Khader Ammer’s (Dad’s) MoneyYa’- VHP President Jagadeesh Shenava during a protest near MCC building on the proposed plans by Minister U T Khader under Smart City plans.

Mangaluru: Even as the Congress and BJP are sparing over Minister U T Khader’s proposal to upgrade the City’s only abattoir (slaughterhouse) in Kudroli, Mangaluru under the Smart Cities project at a whopping cost of Rs 15 crore, the saffron activists of VHP and Bajrang Dal giving a different spin to the ongoing debate, had organized a protest against U T Khader’s plan near the MCC building today, 12 October 2018. Seems like if the parties are at each other’s throats over procedural aspects, these saffron activists have gone a step further demanding the closure of the present abattoir at Kudroli for emotive reasons, and have also urged the Minister to drop the said plan of constructing a new abattoir.

Raising loud slogans like “U T Khaderge Dikkara”; “Abattoir Hatao, Smart City Bachao” etc etc, the members of VHP and Bajrang Dal protested in front of MCC office here on Friday, October 12 against district-in-charge minister U T Khader over illegal cow slaughterhouses, and also against his proposal of constructing a new abattoir at a cost of Rs 15 crore. Lashing out with harsh words in Tulu language at Minister U T Khader, President of Vishwa Hindu Parishad Jagadeesh Sheneva during a protest near MCC building said ‘Spending Rs 15 Crore on Abattoir, does the money belongs to U T Khader’s Dad? How can you build a state-of-the-art abattoir (slaughterhouse) on a 45 cents land, it needs at least a 5-acre land to do so as per an engineer. Also, I asked one Muslim near the present slaughterhouse in Kudroli, as to how the new project will work, and he replied, “We don’t care about it, because on one side we kill a cow, and on the other side the Beef Chilly is ready”.

“How dare minister U T Khader use taxpayers money towards an abattoir, where cows are slaughtered, and it’s against Hindu culture. For the first time, I have come to know that Khader is hospitalized, and that’s the “Shappa” (Curse) from Gomatha. We will not allow this project of spending Rs 15 crore on abattoir to take place. Khader better drops that plan, if not face consequences from us. We also know to deal with Muslims and know where to deport them”, added Shenava.

Also speaking Sharan Pumpwell- leader of Bajrang Dal said, “This idea of Minister U T Khader to build a new abattoir has hurt the feelings and sentiments of Hindus. Khader didn’t win only through Muslim votes, even Hindus supported him, since he had promised many things before the election, and Hindus took his word. U T Khader is giving priority to only one community, and ignoring the Hindus, and also been giving statements against the Hindu community, thereby hurting the sentiments of Hindus. We will never allow his new project to materialize. We will help him in the development of the Smart City, but we do not want cow slaughterhouses/abattoirs in the name of Smart City. He should drop out that plan, otherwise face severe protests from our side, which will surely lead to communal disharmony.”

“Through this move, U T Khader has hurt the sentiments of Hindus. Instead of spending money on developments like new roads, drainage, drinking water, and other facilities needed by the citizens, He is shelling out crores on an abattoir. All the illegal cow smuggling and slaughters that are taking place have the minister’s hand in it. I urge all fellow Hindus and Temple authorities not to allow U T Khader inside the Hindu temples in the future, and not even give him Prasadam. Looks like he is a fake secularist, and no doubt about it”, added Pumpwell.

Also speaking Dinesh Shetty, a leader from BJP said, “Instead of protecting the cows Minister U T Khader is planning to construct a new abattoir to slaughter cows. Cows are considered sacred by Hindus and at a time when there is a ban on cow slaughter in the state, the minister is tacitly supporting the same. Instead, Khader should focus on increasing instances of cow thefts and illegal cow slaughters in the Mangaluru constituency area he represents. Khader is only supporting a particular community, and showing disregards to Hindus. He should forget about his Rs 15 crore abattoir plans, and use the same money for other Smart City developmental projects. We should stand against his abattoir proposal and stage protests against the same”.

The protest was attended by a large number of VHP and Bajrang Dal supporters, and well guarded by heavy police security.

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