Kasaragod: Newborns’ Mix-up Caused by Language Problem in Hospital Set Right

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Kasaragod: Timely action by the persons concerned averted a horrible filmi style mix-up of infants in the General Hospital here earlier this week.

A young woman from Mulleria and another from Mogral Puttur had given birth to male children at a day’s gap. Both the infants had been placed in the ICU. When the nurses called out the name of the Mulleria woman for breast-feeding the child, the relatives of Mogral Puttur woman had erroneously picked up the former’s baby and taken it to the ward.

When the Mulleria woman’s relatives were looking for the child, it was missing from the place. The nurses said that it had already been handed to the ‘mother’. This caused worry and panic in the hospital.

The woman from Mogral Puttur had a cesarean surgery and she had not seen her child after birth. The child she was given to feed had a name tag on its ankle but it was in Malayalam. The family members failed to read it since they were of Tulu-speaking origin.

When a search was made all over the hospital, the child was found with the Mogral Puttur mother. Everyone took the matter in the right spirit and matter ended with an ‘All is well’.

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