KCWA Holds Talents competition 2016

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KCWA Holds Talents competition 2016

Kuwait: KCWA Talent Competition was held on November 18, at the Indian Community School, Khaitan. The event began with classroom events such as Selfie with Mom or Dad, Clay Art, Card Making, Art & Craft, Sudoku, My Super Kite and quilling.


The classroom events were judged by Manoj Kumar, Shilpa Tyagi, Gretta Saldanha and Shalini Alva. The Fancy dress competition on the theme ‘Get into the Character’ was judged by Manoj Kumar, Shalini Alva and Gretta Saldanha.

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After the Fancy Dress competition, the Konkani Singing for boys and girls of age group 7 to 12 was held which was judged by Rony D’Cunha, Joe D’Souza and Gretta Saldanha. Around 50 kids took part in Konkani singing which was introduced for the first time.

In the stage programme, President Albert Praveen Menezes welcomed the gathering followed by the prize distribution and felicitation of the judges.

Kids, as well as elders, took part in a newly introduced competition ‘Mangaloreans got talent’ which was judged by Rony D’Cunha, Joe D’Souza, Shalini Alva and Vicky Tanaji.

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In the group dance, 8 groups rocked the stage with their stunning performances and it was judged by Jyothi Colaco, Shalini Alva and Vicky Tanaji.

The final event of the day was the ‘Gulf Baila Naach’ preliminary round where 3 couples were selected for the semifinal round to be held during ‘KCWA Kala Utsav 2017’ on January 13.

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Alwyn Noronha and Harry Fernandes compared the programme. The event was successfully coordinated by Stevan Rego and was well supported by rest of the Managing Committee members.

KCWA wishes to thank the management of ICSK for the school premises, the judges who graced the event and most importantly to all those who came forward and participated, making this event a grand success.

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