Let Khader Apologize To Religious Leaders – NRSS

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Let Minister Khader Apologize To Religious Leaders – NRSS

Mangaluru: The Netravati Rakshana Samyuktha Samiti (NRSS) held a press meet at Hotel Woodlands here, on May 23.

Addressing the mediapersons, president of NRSS Vijay Kumar Shetty said that the district bandh was successful and people from all walks of life participated in the bandh. “This year the people of Mangaluru have experienced water scarcity and have supported the bandh. In the coming years, the people of the district will surely come out to protest against the Yettinahole project.”

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He further said that the bandh was a warning to the government to drop the Yettinahole project. More than 150 organizations in the district participated, Religious heads, businessmen, artistes, social activists, various religious organizations, bus association, autorickshaw association and other organizations supported the bandh.

“But the Health and Family Welfare minister U T Khader is adamant in continuing the project. What benefit does he get by supporting the project? His statement is an insult to all the religious leaders. Being born in Dakshina Kannada and with the support and blessings of the people, U T Khader became a minister but now, he has forgotten all the support which the people of the DK gave him and is going against his own people by supporting the project. Khader is trying to retain his seat by impressing the Chief Minister. His drug scam is already spreading in the media. He is giving statements on Yettinahole to divert the minds of the people,” alleged Vijay Kumar Shetty.

He also said that if Khader is sure about the project, he should participate in an open debate with the experts. “When religious leaders are also fighting against the project, Khader thinks that he is the only intellectual and others are blunt. If his thoughts are like that he should apologize to the religious heads. If he talks against the district, the people of the district will not sit quiet but make him pay for it. “

He further said that senior congress leader Janardhan Poojary is also against the project and he said that if such a situation continuous, Khader will get the results in the coming elections.

“In the coming days, we will intensify our protest. We will hold meetings in Bengaluru. We are ready to face anything to make the government drop the project.”

When asked about discussing the Paschima Vahini project, Vijay Kumar said that the Paschima Vahini is not a good project. At present, the Paschima Vahini project is in the showroom. We have decided to meet all the political leaders along with senior congress leader Oscar Fernandes, so that Oscar Fernandes can convince the CM to drop the project.”

Social activist M G Hegde said that the health minister says that the project cannot be dropped and the work is in progress. “The reality is that even 5% of the total work is not done. This is the Netravati diversion project in the name of Yettinahole and if we do not fight now, they will acquire land in Gundya. Our voice should reach the Chief Minister. On May 18, the Deputy commissioner called for a press meet, which shows our voice has reached the district administration. The district minister in-charge Ramanath Rai informed the DC to call for a meeting and the DC called it in a hurry. All the people of DK should join hands since only 30% of the people have now participated in the protest.”

Convener of NRSS Advocate Dinakar Shetty, Yogeshi Shetty Jeppu, Shashiraj Shetty Kolambe and others were also present.

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