Khader Inaugurates Batte Bank, Distributes Clothes

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U T Khader Inaugurates Batte Bank, Distributes Clothes

Mangaluru: The members of the MakeAChange Foundation, distributed clothes to the poor and the needy, after prayer at the Idgah Masjid, Light House Hill road here, on July 6.

Minister for Food and Civil Supplies, U T Khader distributed clothes to the needy. U T Khader speaking to said that the MakeAChange Foundation Mangalore is known for working on philanthropic values for the empowerment of weaker sections of society. “Let this foundation bring smiles to the weaker sections.”

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Khader also congratulated the youth for their initiative and encouraged them to continue their service to the mankind. He said that Allah will surely bless these youth to carry out their mission in a big way in the coming days.

Batte Bank is a unique approach in introducing societal development programmes. The MakeAChange Foundation distributed clothes to 200 poor and underprivileged kids of Dakshina Kannada District as a part of it’s ‘BATTE BANK’ initiative.

Chairman of MakeAChange Foundation Suhail Kandak thanked each and everyone for joining hands with MAC and requested their support throughout the journey.

Trustees of MakeAChange Foundation, Mr Rasheed Beary, Shrikanth Kumble, Thansif Bm Killur, Abdul Nihan and Abdul Majeed were also present.

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