Kim again wants Kanye West to learn anger management

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Los Angeles, Feb 20 (IANS) Following a number of outbursts on Twitter, reality TV star Kim Kardashian reportedly wants her husband and rapper Kanye West to return to anger management therapy, which seemed to work for him in the past.

According to a source close to the couple, Kim wants West to do that because he basically could not control his temper by himself.

“Kanye has never handled stress well, but for a while he could keep things under control because of the tools he learned in anger management,” the source told

“Lately he’s been going off about everything — he’s a ticking time bomb and insufferable to be around,” the source added.

Fed up with negativity surrounding her family, Kim reportedly forced her husband to get the same treatment.

“(Kim)’s sick of it. (She) desperately wants him to get back into a program where he can work on himself,” the source said.

It comes after West posted a series of eccentric tweets ranging from taking credit for Taylor Swift’s fame to declaring he had $53 million debt.

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