KMC Hospital observes International Childhood Cancer Day

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KMC Hospital Observes International Childhood Cancer Day 

Mangaluru: KMC hospital Attavar observed the International Childhood Cancer Day at the Sanjeevini Hall, here on February 15.

The programme began with an invocation. Child cancer specialist KMC hospital Dr Harsha Prasad welcomed the gathering. One minute silence was observed for the souls of the brave hearts who died in the Pulwama terror attack.

Addressing the gathering Dr Harsha Prasad said, “The International Childhood Cancer Day is observed on February 15, to bring awareness and express our support to the children who suffer from cancer and their families. Every year nearly 3 lakh children are diagnosed with cancer. But childhood cancer is curable. This year we are observing childhood cancer day with the theme of “No Pain, No Loss”, at our Hospital. KMC is the only dedicated pediatric oncology hospital in Mangaluru and our aim is to provide high quality best care treatment to every child who suffers from cancer.”

Dr Harsha Prasad further said, “Childhood cancer is curable with access to high-quality health care, 80% of children with cancer can survive, living full and healthy lives. We need to give every child with cancer the best chance to survive. In this direction, it is our prime duty to improve access and also to raise awareness. We doctors get only one chance to cure a patient with cancer. No child will go without treatment. In KMC 100% of the children complete their treatment and I would like to thank the team for taking care of the patients. We, doctors, come to the hospital and be with the patients for only two to three hours but the nurses and the health care unit takes care of the patients 24 X7 which cures them of their disease”.

RJ Rashmi Ullal speaking on the occasion said, “We need to have three things to overcome any problems in life, they are mind, trust, and patience. We need to have a very strong mind and will power. When we have the will power we can overcome any obstacles. We need to have trust in our parents, doctors and caretakers which will have a positive impact on our lives. And those who have patience will win the race.”

Recalling a story of a farmer and the king, Rashmi said, “Once a king was visiting various places accompanied by six vehicles. When the king was on his journey, he saw a farmer working in the field dull of creepers. The king got down from his vehicle, went to the farmer and questioned him about the cultivation he was doing. The farmer responding to the king said that he was growing grapes and was waiting for the fruit. The creepers would take 30 years to give fruit and already since 25 years had passed he was waiting for 5 more years. The king said that he is not sure if he lived for 5 more years nor was he sure of the farmer. But the farmer said, “If I am alive I will bring the first fruit from my farm to you. After 5 years when the farmer got the fruit of his hard work, he plucked a bucket of grapes and went to give it to the king. As soon as the king tasted the grapes he felt so happy and gifted a gold chain and 2 acres of land to the farmer. As soon as the news spread many farmers brought grapes to the king but they did not get anything. The king had appreciated the patience of the farmer and gifted him the land and a gold chain. The moral of the story is that those who have patience will win everything in life.”

Dr Nutan Kamath also spoke on the occasion. Medical Superintendent and Unit Head at KMC Hospitals, Mangaluru Dr Anand Venugopal, Dr Yogish Kamath, Dr Alfred, Assistant General Manager Operations KMC Hospitals Raviraj, Deputy Manager Marketing KMC Hospital Rakesh Darshan and others were also present.

Dr Sirisha delivered the vote of thanks. Dr Payal and Dr Yasmin compered the programme.

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