Swagatha & Swagatham to Kannada Cultural Fest ‘Dindima’ & Malayalam Seminar ‘Rasam’ at SAC

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Swagatha & Swagatham to Kannada Cultural Fest ‘Dindima’ & Malayalam Seminar ‘Rasam’ at SAC

Swagatha & Swagatham (Welcome) to District Level Kannada Cultural Fest ‘Dindima 2019 ‘ & Malayalam Seminar ‘Rasam’ at SAC

Mangaluru: Two events on one fine morning of Thursday, and that too at the same time, but at two different Halls- and how did Team Mangalorean tried to cover both of them, it seems like a History? If the District Level Kannada Cultural Fest “Dindima-2019” was organized at the Eric Mathias hall at 9.30 am, then there was the Malayalam Seminar ‘Rasam’ organized at the LCRI Hall, both on ‘Valentine’s Day’ 14 February 2019. The Malayalam seminar was on the topic “Samskaravavum Sahithyavum ( Culture & tradition, with importance given to Malayalam), with Prof Valso Peelikodu as the Orator/keynote speaker.

One-day District Level Kannada Cultural Fest “Dindima-2019”:

A one-day District Level Kannada Cultural Fest “Dindima-2019” was organized by the Kannada Sangha of St Aloysius College (Autonomous), Mangaluru on 14 February 2019 in Eric Mathias Hall. The inauguration of the Fest was done by chief guest-Yakshadhruva Satish Shetty Patla, along with College Principal, Rev. Dr Praveen Martis SJ who presided over the programme, and also joined by other dignitaries on the dais namely- Dr Saraswathi Kumari, HOD of Kannada, Ms Precilla D’Silva, Co-ordinator of Extra-curricular Activities, Ms Sudha Kumar and Ms Priyanka, Presidents of Kannada Sangha, Suhan Pinto and Manoj K, Secretaries of Kannada were present on the dais.

In His inaugural address, Sathish Shetty Patla, while congratulating the department of Kannada for organizing such a unique event which promotes Kannada language and culture, expressed his joy and excitement at the meaningful event by saying, “This College has set an example for others in organizing such a great event for displaying hidden talents of students. But I strongly advise the students to never forget their parents and you should focus on goals and surely success will be yours. As students you should contribute to the society and the less privileged sections of the society”. Patla enumerated the service undertaken by his Yaksha Druva Patla Foundation for promoting Yakshagana and its artistes.

Rev. Dr Praveen Martis, SJ, Principal and President of the program congratulated the Kannada department and Sangha for organizing the beautiful Kannada Fest. He distinguished between learning and talents, he expressed his happiness on the extracurricular activities conducted by Kannada Department. He advised the students to use their talents for the empowerment of society.

During the fest, competitions like, Bhavagayana, bagbhana, Zenkara, Yakshamukha varnike, dance, poetry writing will be organised. Around 300 participants from 18 colleges of D.K. and Kasaragod are participating in this fest. Sudha Kumari briefed about the programme. Priyanka introduced the chief guest and welcomed the gathering. Royster, II B.Com. compered the programme. Manoj K proposed the vote of thanks.

Malayalam Seminar ‘Rasam’ on the topic “Samskaravavum Sahithyavum :

“God’s Own Country”- that’s right! And Kerala does live up to it. Rare are lands that have been blessed with such abundant nature, rich culture, colorful festivals, diverse flora and fauna, breathtaking temples, mosques and churches and so much more. The beautiful backwaters, waterfalls, hill stations; Old and grandiose temples that induce nostalgia; Majestic and colorful festivals; The magical monsoons; Lakes, ponds, rivers everywhere; And some very beautiful resorts where you can stay, that capture the essence of Kerala…God’s Own Country she is, isn’t she? And the people of Kerala, the Keralites are no doubt friendly, hard working and are found not only in Kerala, but all over the world rendering their services in all capacities.

And for that matter, St Aloysius College which has attracted a bunch of Malayalee students from Kerala, have formed their own Malayalam Association in the College, which has been very active in conduction various cultural events and social service programmes, and this Seminar named “Rasam” on the topic “Samskaravavum Sahithyavum” was quite a unique one, featuring the tradition and culture of Malayalee’s. The programme was held on 14 February 2019 at 9.30 am at the LCRI hall.

The programme was inaugurated by keynote speaker/orator Prof Valso Peelikodu, along with Dr Alwyn D’sa- Director of SAC, Dr PP Sajimon- Coordinator, Dr Ganesh Amin- Dean/HOD of Languages, St Aloysius PUC, Ms Retnamma- Convener, and Nibin Manuel- Secretary of Malayalam Association. Addressing the audience, Dr Alwyn D’sa said, “Being among all you Malayalees here, I feel like a celebrity hailing from a different community. I have always appreciated the qualities and characters of the Malayalees, and today on this auspicious occasion I got the chance to express my thoughts about you all. You are all like the God sent people living in the God’s own Country”.

“Yes, Malayalees are hard working people, who are not satisfied with ordinary things, they are always looking forward to emerge into better things and be on the top, by reaching greater heights. And you people have shown it to the nation and to the world how capable you are. Malayalees look for the best institutions to pursue their academic career, and you have done the right choice by joining this institution, which provides you the best education, best facilities, knowledgeable faculty and good morals. No doubt you are the real people of India who can reach our nation to greater heights” added Dr D’sa.

Dr Ganesh Amin speaking on the occasion said, “Before moving on further, I want to ask you all how many of you know to speak Tulu or Kannada (surprisingly only a couple of students raised their hands) Wow, not many! (Ha) The same case with me, so let me speak in my language. I like and love your culture and tradition. Just like Dr Alwyn D’sa said that you all are hard working people, there is no doubt about it, and I have known it since my younger days. If people want to know what hard work is, then they have to learn from the Malayalees. It’s indeed a privilege fora Kannadiga like me to be amidst you Malayalees on this unique programme”.

Dr Sajimon also spoke in Malayalam language, narrating about the Malayalam culture and tradition. The vote of thanks was proposed by Nibin Manuel, and Miss Nikita George compered the programme. Following a traditional Kerala dance by the students, Prof Valso Peelikodu took over the session to deliver keynote address on the topic “Samskaravavum Sahithyavum”.

niṅṅaḷkk ellāvarkkuṁ oru nalla divasaṁ uṇṭ! “You All Have A Nice day!) Ending this column with a Malayalee Penne dance on Youtube:

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