Konkan Connections – 12

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Rilsy was totally disillusioned! He never  ever thought in his wildest dreams that such an attack would be designed  on him. He had thought, He was the cleverest of all the intelligent men he had ever read and had heard about. But, it is really surprising as the news spread around town, bulk of the people thought Rilsy was attacked because of his religion! Some respite this, thought  Rilsy. But, plenty of shivers ran down his spine on gathering  that, he had put many a people in trouble. He must have had finished off many families just like that, without a single drop of tear!  He never ever thought there would be some kind of justice in this world. Now, he was shivering beneath his white hospital sheets. He had a kind of new life  now granted to him on a platter by the same God whom he used to make fun and play buffoonery and fool people. How the unseen law had caught the better of him!

He was the inhabitant of the special ward at Unity Health Complex at Falnir. He knew the Orthopedician, Dr. Shashidhar  Ballal very well. He had attended to him leaving aside all his work. There were fractures on his left hand. His left leg was injured. He had severe bruises on his right leg. His left shoulder had deep cut wounds from the chopper attack. All in all, he was looking like fully bandaged, dead Lazarus, whom Jesus had visited on tearful requests from his dear sisters, Mary and Martha. What a sad and bad situation to be in? Rilsy had tears for the asking.

There were hordes of visitors and he could see they were trying to gain mastery of shedding crocodile tears, like he had been doing many years hence, be it a mourning session or a funeral or an accident. Award winning performance was delivered by his wife Lolly and himself joining in to give her a helping hand! Both excelled in dramatics. Fooling people of the Rome of the East was not a difficult bargain at all! But, it was really a great foolish endeavor on their part to make fools of Mumbai guys. He strongly believes that there is a definite involvement from Mumbai guys. It is not possible for Mangalore thugs to attack him. And more over, he has been spared his life.. He could have been shot dead! Fire arms have not been used. Nonetheless the injuries are too severe.

‘Hello Pastor, Rilsy, How are you feeling?’

‘Uhh…Oh…yeah" he jumped apart   from his deep thoughts!

‘So nice of you dear brother Vency, I am grateful to you. May the good Lord shower upon  you and your family with all his  choicest blessings’

"I am totally having faith in the good Lord. You will soon be alright, Pastor Rilsy," Vency was literally in tears!

"Pastor Rilsy, there are many brothers from our prayer group here. They are not being allowed in. We heard that you have still not given a complaint to police. Please Pastor, be kind to yourself and also to all of us! You need to give an official complaint to the Police. An FIR should be registered immediately. Please memorize all your friends and foes from Mumbai, the Mangloreans  with whom you are in touch with. Lolly has told me about all. Xavier, Abraham and others like Muthu, Raaghu Shetty, Shamsuddin, Muneer, Thomas Cherian, Palemutil Sam and Vargese, Ravi Kotian etc. Sister  Lolly told me  these gentlemen used to donate money to your charitable institutions. Now, she is having doubt that, the hirelings of these guys must have attacked you. Probably , they wanted to hand over a warning  to you and sister Lolly.  Please dear Pastor, we will forgive them. But, you need to register a complaint at the police station. Senior Inspector Nagesh Hegde is extremely angry with you.

Lolly was totally confused. She had suffered some bruises only, but she was totally  out of her mind, a psychological wreck! She was being treated in the psychiatric ward. She hadn’t bargained for such an existence at all. Oh My! Why indeed I encouraged Rilsy in his money making endeavors? I should have put my foot down and discouraged him from these sinful acts. But, the wretched me, I totally supported him and stood by him and saw to it that he earned in millions and siphoned off  a great deal of money, even at times belonging to Businessmen in Mangalore and Mumbai!! But, I am saved now. I have got only minor injuries. I believe this is a warning from the attackers. They must be revenge seekers. How to  identify. How to justify that these people are behind  the attack. Rilsy is crazy and after the helpless people. There is so much money in my name and Rilsy’s name and also in our Daughter’s name and Son’s name. Still, Rilsy wants to snatch from people their land and their livelihood. Shame on him! Lolly, at times had a habit of deep soul searching and accusing others of the crimes which under the influence of Devil, She herself must have supported and committed! She wanted to go and see Rilsy right now. But, the two nurses had tied her hands to the cot and were guarding her. They were mislead by people at Kankanady that she is a witch, as they say Wiccan in western countries. She remembered how she used to preach people, that punishment for all our sins is to be observed here only. And it seemed to be true in her’s and Rilsy’s case?

(To be continued…)

Author: Donald DSilva- Mumbai

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