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Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Konkan Connections – 10

It was 10:14 am, Sunday morning. It started raining again around 7:15 am after stopping for around an hour. There were no rickshaws or...

Konkan Connections – 11

There was pandemonium at Xavier's house. All hell had broken loose. Yeshwant and Nitin were the heroes. Kudwa and Abraham were the facilitators for...

Konkan Connections – 12

Rilsy was totally disillusioned! He never  ever thought in his wildest dreams that such an attack would be designed  on him. He had thought,...

Konkan Connections – 13

Xavier was a happy-go-lucky man. He was getting messages from Venu and Marshal, every now and then. Also the phone calls from Venu's friend...

Konkan Connections – 14

Santu had collar of the first person in his hands and pushed him hard. He gave a strong kick to his abdomen with his...

Konkan Connections – 15

Xavier was very furious. He was totally charged up. There was no way any one could pacify him. He immediately called Yashwant, Kudwa and...

Konkan Connections – 16

The last meeting of the four resulted in heavy brain storming. The aftermath of Rilsy's attack had resulted in silencing him but, they had...

Konkan Connections – 17

The pitch black Scorpio screeched and came to a halt right in front of the house. The servants of 'Paladka Subraya Bhat' came rushing....

Konkan Connections – 18

Its 10:12 pm in Mangalore. The city looked deserted, all the buses were in the respective parking stops...very few rickshaws were plying to take...

Konkan Connections – 19

Sad news it was...There was raid on Abdul and brigade's villa as anticipated  by him earlier in the day, there was a real danger...

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