Konkan Connections – 18

Its 10:12 pm in Mangalore. The city looked deserted, all the buses were in the respective parking stops…very few rickshaws were plying to take stranded passengers to their homes?private vehicles were only visible on the roads…there were very few people on the footpaths….yes…night time in Mangalore means?death defying silence…there is no movement in the nights…but…there are people who stay awake for their own personal reasons…the late night party makers..or the four who just are back from Subraya Bhat’s rich experience…Xavier and brigade.

All the four were in Xavier’s suite. Abraham was the most excited among the lot! It was his life’s first experience. Never ever thought such a force of third kind existed! Never ever he witnessed such rituals!! He was totally zapped. Yashwant and Kudwa were totally surprised by the revelations. So as Xavier. No one really wanted to drink! But?.Venu persisted, so they decided to go ahead with beer. They were asked to come back again on the next day at 2 pm as there were rituals to be done again, this time by outside priests! Their total troubles this time will be ousted! But, then how can they believe their close friends have back stabbed them. How these scoundrels have portrayed themselves as god fearing people.

These con men have been successful in duping innocent people. They have shown high levels of Charlatan expertise! How to catch the tigers by their tails? Xavier could not think beyond calling his team in Ghaziabad and getting bullets pumped into these treacherous villains! However the other three did not allow him to do that, it is really a tough situation to be in for a person of Xavier’s stature. He felt helpless. .There is no way he can act fast now?He has to keep mum, just ponder over the matter?wait for some time and then strike!

He looked around and matched his eyes with Yashwant. He sounded so reassuring?He bat an eye lid and looked to the left.  He coincided his eyes with Kudwa, again he felt strong sense of support, then why he has to rush? Just stay calm, anyway there is a meeting with Subraya Bhat again. Listen to what he says and decide accordingly.

Yashwant spoke after a long time. He was calm and composed! The truth was out anyways. They knew the villains in the story. Now it was the time to handle things coolly. Just stay cool. Slowly teach lessons to the back stabbers. It was really difficult to digest their back stabbings!

As Kudwa rightly said just a while ago, the two holy men can not be believed at any cost. If we speak to them they will pretend amnesia and then will continue with their evil work all long. The remedy should be a long term one! A one time solution which definitely will silence these traitors and help in warning others as well! Well said?..well thought. All shook their heads,  but what is the solution? No one had the answer!

"I have a plan" Yashwant thundered all of a sudden. All others jumped from their seats?all eyes were focused on Yashwant now! Yashwant looked very serious. "We should go to Fr. William and Fr. Augustine and try a rapprochement. We should start a dialogue. Why these guys are against us. The former is a Tamil priest, not a Catholic. The latter is a Catholic , but without a parish. Both are sugary sweet on the face but we should find out the reason for their anger" . ‘I quite agree with you’ Xavier spoke, stopping Yashwant. "We should start speaking to all the people who were named by Bhat and find out if there is any nexus among themselves. Just, should not act in an impulse and get into trouble" Xavier sounded cool.

‘Why we shouldn’t go and donate some money to Fr. Augustine to run orphanage?’ Kudwa spoke sensibly.
All echoed in one voice ‘Yes, we should’. But, Yashwant  had his doubts.

‘We should not throw around money, but check with these guys, one priest and then Jingush Mehta is another, the share broker. Then based on the findings we should work out a strategy in order to find facts about others. If they had really worked with evil pundits and tried to destroy us. It is a time bound process.’ he spoke nonstop.

‘Yashwant is right’ quipped Abraham gulping down beer from his glass. Many of our foes have been with pundits of evil practices, but we did not have proof. Now we have the proof, so better to go slow and find out the truth from the horse’s mouth’ .

 Xavier’s mobile rang. "Hello" the harsh voice sounded harsher! ‘Hello saheb?I am Abdul..
We are having problems in Ghaziabad. Our villa is looked at suspiciously by people. Our khabri salim.."

‘Don’t worry Abdul. .’Xavier cut him short in his customary way? ‘ I am alive. Not to worry. I will find a solution. We are in the midst of a serious meeting. I could not speak to you since many days’

‘But, sahib, we have to shift from here soon?Uttar Pradesh police will swoop down upon us anytime. It’s very tough to live here. Shift us to some other place , Azamgarh, Jaunpur ‘ he was talking in a very low voice…his confidence was shattered, one could make out.

" Abdul, my Tiger" Xavier knew how to patao his lieutenants. ‘ I will shift you guys to Vadodara. UP is not a safe place for you guys. You may have to be ready for another strike soon. By the way, How is Santhu?’ Xavier tried to sound as reassuring as he could.

" Great Saheb, Santhu has become very disciplined. He has quit booze, since we landed in Ghaziabad. He is eating only vegetarian food. But, every one’s morale is down."

‘Is the money sufficient’? Yashwant tried to remind Xavier.

‘Well, Abdul, do you guys have enough money on you. Please let me know. I will arrange for more" .

"Xavier Saheb, thanks a ton. We have enough money. Nandu havala has been sending money regularly as per your instructions. ‘

" Good, give me a day or two, I will arrange for you guys to be shifted to Vadodara., Fine".

‘Yes Saheb?Thanks Saheb..’ Abdul was in tears.

‘Bye and take care’ Xavier cut the line and looked at every one with a smile. He had developed a brain wave. His confident smile always gave away the scheming designs beneath ??the real intellectual person? but , always seeking  a second opinion from Yashwant and Kudwa, as always.

All the three looked at him admirably??..

To be continued…

Author: Donald DSilva- Mumbai