Korean Melon Vase

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I was always fascinated by the various colors of fruits and vegetables. Today as I was shopping for fruits, thought let me give it a try to make these fruits more colorful and here you go!

Korean Melon was more attracting than any among other in the fruit section.  It is bright yellow in color with silver lines from end to end. I have carved vase out of these melons and have used grapes, honeydew, orange, Lettuce and ‘Valche Baji'(Basale) stalks to make it look more colorful.

Carving is much easier than i ever thought! Here is what i did:

Cut the korean melon into 2 halves.  Remove the outer skin of the fruit in zigzag shape on the top side of both melons with a sharp knife and scoop the seeds out from the center of the melon. I also carved small flowers from honeydew and placed small red grapes at the center of these flowers with help of toothpick and attached it to the valche baji stalk!  Fill the vaze with few grapes to make it look like marbles. Finally, with help of a toothpick at the end of the valche baji stalk, place it in the center of the vase.

Korean Melon

Finally, to make it more colorful, I have decorated the plate with lettuce leaf, placed the two vases in the center and for an added touch, I have placed few orange slices, grapes and a flower to make it look more bright and colorful.

Hope you have liked my first presentation as much I loved carving them!

Author: Rosanne DSouza- USA

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