K’taka MUDA land scam: ‘If there is no connection, why transfer DC?’, Pralhad Joshi to CM Siddaramaiah

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K’taka MUDA land scam: ‘If there is no connection, why transfer DC?’, Pralhad Joshi to CM Siddaramaiah

Hubballi: Reacting over the Mysuru Urban Development Authority (MUDA) land scam allegedly involving Karnataka Chief Minister Siddaramaiah, Union Minister for Consumer Affairs Pralhad Joshi asked the Congress-led state government that if no corruption took place within the government body, then why was the Mysuru District Commissioner transferred.

Speaking to the media in Hubballi, Union Minister Joshi said: “The MUDA scam involves massive corruption, and it is evident at the outset. In 2017, the decision was taken and the MUDA land scam took place with the full knowledge of CM Siddaramaiah.”

He added that Rs 4,000 crore corruption took place involving MUDA land which the Congress government claims was awarded during the previous BJP government.

However, the transactions happened between 2013 and 2018 during the first term of Siddaramaiah as Chief Minister, the Minister said.

“This is a major scam committed for self-gains. The investigation has to be handed over to the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI). If CM Siddaramaiah claims that he has done nothing, then the scam must be handed over to the CBI,” Union Minister Joshi added.

“The Congress dubbed the BJP government as a 40 per cent government without any basis. The defamation suit was filed in the court. Now, there is the role of CM Siddaramaiah in two scandals — the MUDA scam and tribal welfare board scam,” he alleged.

“On the one hand, there is the Valmiki tribal welfare board’s scam, on the other hand, the MUDA scam has come to light. The Special Investigation Team (SIT) had arrested a few persons to hide the case. Former Minister B. Nagendra is served notice only on Friday. There is a conspiracy to hush up everything. CM Siddaramaiah’s government is mired in corruption,” Joshi said.

“There is no development work under CM Siddaramaiah-led government. No development works are taken up in the name of bogus guarantee schemes. The funds reserved for Dalits are being used for guarantees,” the Minister claimed.

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