Kudla Mom Soujanya Hegde is ‘Mrs Popular’ at ‘Mrs India Worldwide 2017’ Pageant

Kudla Mom Soujanya Hegde is ‘Mrs Popular’ at ‘Mrs India Worldwide 2017’ Pageant

Kudla Mom Soujanya Hegde was Crowned as ‘Mrs. Popular’ at ‘Haute Monde Mrs. India Worldwide 2017’ held during the grand finale held in Delhi on 5 August. She was one among the finalists who were selected in the semi-finals pageant held in Vietnam. It was a long journey for Soujnaya, being shortlisted to the top 60 contestants from a total of 8000 applications and moving forward as Top 50… top 25 … top 14 …. and finally to the top 7 finalists- indeed an achievement by it self …and although she couldn’t win the “Mrs India Worldwide 2017′ title, at least she was crowned “Mrs Popular” in the pageant for her talents and charm

Mangaluru: “Haut Monde Mrs India Worldwide” is an initiative by Shri Sai Entertainments Pvt Ltd, an organization working since 2008 providing platform to young enthusiastic designers to showcase their talent and for models to fulfil their aspirations and dreams. It is an effort to bring together the best talents of India and Indian residing overseas on a single platform. After having successfully organized many mega events and shows, they believe in tailoring their events so that it best fits into participants needs. They have been widely recognized as a wholesome, complete events solution factory, with a team of young, creative, enthusiastic and dynamic professionals with a sparkling stream of ideas having vast experience in the field of Events and Entertainments. Their goal is to give each and every event a different Meaning, Identity and a Vision with true professionalism to chart the roads of informative and entertaining events.

The organizers look for Talent and Culture of Indian Married Woman- they don’t look for Models but they Make Role Models. And they firmly believe that Married Women are the biggest natural resource of any Country-because woman is the backbone of family and society. It is very important to recognize and appreciates her contribution to family and social values as this will not only encourage her but will inspire many more. As they say Beauty in Diversity, it is true that every woman is Beautiful and Every Woman should feel Beautiful. And for that matter, Soujanya fell in this category, and she deserved to be one of the semi-finalists for this coveted Worldwide Title.

These beauty pageant challengers are Successful Indian Women who endeavour to act naturally certain, agile, exquisite, magnetic and respectable in the representation of India at home and around the globe. Many women who participate in beauty pageants contribute more to society than many would have expected in the past. By their very nature, beauty pageants support the idea that, for women, any noteworthy success or accomplishment should ideally be presented in a pretty package – conventional feminine attractiveness being the package in question. And our Kudla mom took a bold step in entering the contest- got selected among thousands of other contestants, went to Vietnam for the semi-finals- but although she didn’t win the “Mrs India Worldwide 2017′, she was crowned as “Mrs Popular” at the grand finale held in Delhi on 5 August.

Soujanya is not only a loving Mom to her children-daughter Souravi (12 years) and son Souraag (8 years)., a loving wife to her husband-Sudhir Hegde, a Engineer currently working as the General Manager for Pepsi/Seven-up bottling company, Nigeria’ but she is also a strong young lady with engaging thoughts. She is incredibly sharp, intelligent, confident, and poised. She is more than just a beauty and socialite, she is a go-getter and an achiever- her recent success in the pageant is the proof. She has always understood fashion and style to be an expression of the unique and beautiful inner self of each individual person. She is a freelance Host/Celebrity Anchor, Party planner and Event Coordinator, and holds the Administrative Head of Namma TV Channel- the pulse of Coastal Karnataka.

She is also the owner of LETZ PARTY-The Complete Party store, the one of its kind in Mangaluru, and Founder/Co ordinator of Happy Hearts an institution for Kids to conduct events, competition and activities. She has the honour of hosting innumerable stage shows in, around and outside India. Live interviews, Stage shows, Corporate Brandings, Reality shows in Television, Star studded musical evenings, Weddings, Receptions and birthdays…Apart from all these she has shared the stage with Yukta Mukhi (ex.Miss World), Afreen Vaz (ex Miss India), KK, Kunal Ganjawala, Salim- Sulaiman (the big names in the Bollywood industry), Chris Gayle (International Cricket Star)

Addressing the media persons during a press meet held at Mangalore Press Club about her achievement in the ‘Haute Monde Mrs India Worldwide 2017’, Soujnaya Hegde along with her dad Ln. M Sadashiva Hegde ( Retd Superintendent of Excise) and Lns. Sumathi S Hegde (Entrepreneur) said, “Being shortlisted to the top 60 contestants from a total of 8000 applications and moving forward as Top 50… top 25 … top 14 …. and finally to the top 7 finalists was indeed an achievement by it self …Feeling extremely privileged to be back in Mangaluru with fame added to my name …”Mrs Popular 2017 – Mrs India Worldwide.”. this title indeed is of much more value for me as it shows the support of the general public and their choice of winner … Extremely happy and grateful to everyone for adding their share into winning this title.”.

“I also stood 2nd highest in the Charity task of “Mrs Beauty with a Heart – Mrs India Worldwide 2017” with a total collection of Rs 1,05,774/- which has directly reached the beneficiaries Rashtriya Blind School Delhi. I received 201 likes to the page and 159 supporters to the cause and hundreds of shares on social media. Thank you all. I also received a standing ovation from the jury and co-contestants for my performance “Shakthi” in “Mrs Talented 2017 as part of Mrs India Worldwide. For this I want to thank my good friend and top choreographer in town, Pramod Alva for helping prepare this one minute power packed performance”, added Soujanya.

While concluding she said, “My thanks to my parents, Husband, kids, family and friends who directly or indirectly supported and encouraged me and of course God Almighty for making everything possible and positive one. It is a learning experience and beautiful memories to treasure… Being trained by the eminent personalities from the Industry I feel truly blessed. My next step and aim is to train others, both Miss and Mrs in the field of fashion, modelling and beauty pageants, so that they could also get a chance like me to explore the world and also get the name and fame in the fashion industry. My sincere thanks to the media for giving a wide coverage, especially Team Mangalorean”.

The winners in ‘Haute Monde Mrs India Worldwide 2017 are: Neha Kelkar Deshpande -Pune 1st; Dr Shwetha Dagar – Delhi 2nd; Swathi Nanda – Mumbai 2nd; Karishma Chabria – Mumbai 3rd…and Soujanya Hegde got the 6th place. Fashion Choreographer was Rashmi Virmani; Fashion Hairstylist – Sylvie Rodgers; Celebrity Nutritionist -Varun Katyal; Voice modulator /Speech therapist – Pallabh Bose; Owner Playboy Cafe – Ajay Sharma; Zama Creations – Anjali Sahni & Gagan Sahni; International Photographer-Tony Kaula; Bharat Bramar, Miss Shubhra Bramar, Saahil Guleria the management team from Haute monde Mrs India Worldwide 2017; and Blossom Kochar- who is a leading name in fashion/beauty industry- all these people played an important role in Soujanya’s beauty pageant.

Congratulations from Team Mangalorean to Soujanya Hegde on her achievement in this pageant, and may she win many more titles in the future National and International beauty/Fashion pageants.

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