Kudla Origin Beauty Queen Ms Nischitha Shenoy is State Director for Karnataka-‘Visionara Global MRS INDIA®’

Kudla Origin Beauty Queen Ms Nischitha Shenoy is State Director for Karnataka-‘Visionara Global MRS INDIA®’

Mangaluru : The First time Team Mangalorean met “Amchegeli Cheddu” Ms Nischitha Shenoy was in 2017, and we had featured three of her stories namely-
“‘Mrs India South 2017’ Winner Nischitha Shenoy Reveals her Success Story” ; “Nischitha Shenoy is ‘Mrs India Gourmet Queen’ & ‘Mrs India Fitness Queen’” ; “Kudla Lass Nischitha Shenoy is ‘Mrs. India South 2017’ Winner” and ‘Mrs India South’ Nischitha Interacts with Bevy of ‘Mrs’ of KMC-Navachaitanya“in Mangalorean.com

Born in Mangaluru on 22 November 1983 to V Ananth Shenoy and Reshma A Shenoy, Nischitha did her schooling at Besant English School-Mangaluru, and at Rosary School-Panjim, Goa. After completing her college at Canara Pre University College-Mangaluru, she pursued her B.E at Ambedkar Institute of Technology, Bengaluru, with distinction in Information Sciences and engineering. Regarding her achievements- she started dancing and performing at the age of three, and when she was only four years old she won her first prize- a first place in a solo act of playing ‘Shakunthala’. Excelled in academics and stood first in class several times, and also bagged All rounder award in school for three consecutive years based on several awards (first place) in extra curricular activities like singing (western/classical), dancing (western, films), painting, handwriting, essay writing, elocution, drama/plays and sports.

Represented her school and college in the volleyball tournaments. Nischitha also achieved distinction in the juniors exam for Bharathnatyam, after practicing it for 10 years. She represented her Engg college in an inter collegiate VTU cultural fest. Excelled academically and stood first in class in her batch in Engineering and was one of the top students to be recruited in campus. She was awarded titles based on her work and performance in the IT company. Teaching for almost 3 years. presently she is a licensed Zumba fitness instructor in Bengaluru. She has always been an achiever, a dreamer and believes that there is nothing hard work can’t help you achieve. Being a technology consulting professional, a licensed Zumba fitness instructor and a mother to a baby girl, Nischitha is a go-getter and a achiever- her recent success in the pageant is the proof.

As a Zumba instructor, she has helped raise funds for causes such as Women Empowerment. Being a fitness enthusiast, she currently loves doing Zumba, Cross Fit, Weight training, Muay Thai and Kick Boxing. Nischitha believes in restoring mother nature to all her glory and is a supporter and active volunteer with the NGO Saytrees.org. She is a volunteer with “Save Whitefield” a public initiative to tackle civic and environmental woes of Whitefield, Bengaluru.

Nischitha’s simple and modest demeanor translated into the sense of fashion which she appreciates herself. Ever since she won the “Mrs India South 2017″crown, she has found that her sense of style has become more expressive of who she is. She is fun loving, spontaneous and impromptu on stage. Mirror..Mirror on the Wall..Nischitha is the prettiest among all! Fringe or no fringe, for this pretty Mangalorean , love is the purest emotion that can’t be expressed in words. Nischitha is a female with a lot of gusto and a resplendent personality. And two years later, she has been appointed as Karnataka State Director for Visionara Global MRS INDIA® Beauty pageant.

As per the statements from Visionara Global MRS INDIA® it says, ” Visionara Global MRS INDIA® officially announces Mrs. Nischitha Shenoy as State Director for Karnataka. In an official statement National Director Ms. Binita Shrivastava said that bringing her on board as part of the Team will bring great opportunity to her and to the prospective participants for Pageant within the State of Karnataka.

She has a vast experience in fashion and glamour industry. She is a Former Beauty Queen. She has walked the ramp for many designers, modeled for Jewelry brands, celebrity make up artists, acted in a digital commercial and is akin to what it takes to be a role model to women, while empowering them to be the best version of themselves. She is a fitness freak and a trained Yoga, Zumba and a Prowl instructor. She is a successful actor, model and a trained Bharathanatyam dancer.

Visionara Global MRS INDIA® is confident that she with her multi-tasking abilities, promises to uphold the name of the Visionara Global MRS INDIA® Beauty Pageant. We wish her the best in delivering quality work in Karnataka and making this endeavor a grand success globally. The participants of Karnataka State who are willing to contest in MRS INDIA BEAUTY PAGEANT can reach the State Director Mrs. Nischitha Shenoy. The mission of Visionara Global MRS INDIA® is to showcase married Indian women, create a global opportunity for them and foster women empowerment. This will be the mission of the winner of the current year as well.

The Visionara Global MRS INDIA™ Beauty Pageant system has been developed to promote today’s married Indian women and their accomplishments. Around the world women are finding this system to be the opportunity to work with others to become positive role models. National Director Binita Shrivastava says, “Pageants help one learn how to groom oneself. Though excellence depends on the individual, however these contests help contestants to get a lot of opportunities.” Being the premiere pageant for young married women VG MRS INDIA® is giving a chance to open doors for all married Indian women living around the world.

Registrations are now open. Please visit www.mrsindia.co/registration/ and begin your journey