Kudla Techie Suvarna Creates App costing US Govt Rs 9.5 Cr

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IBM Charged US Govt Rs 9.5 Crores For A Simple App. Mangalorean Techie Sandesh Suvarna Makes It In 4 Minutes!

Mangaluru: We know how exorbitantly IT companies charge to make an app. A similar incident happened with IBM. The US government airport security had consulted IBM to make an app. The app was supposed to direct the passengers at the airport and IBM charged $ 1.4 million (9.5 crores) for the same. The app didn’t do something particularly complicated; it randomly directed people in queues left or right on the press of a button. Just like any other big tech company IBM charged a premium amount, $ 1.4 million (9.5 crore) to be precise. It was all fine till Ex-IBM employee Sandesh Suvarna entered the scene. He decided to make the app all by himself.


Now, you’d estimate that such an exorbitant-priced app would take days to finish. But, turns out, Sandesh Suvarna decided to steal the thunder, he made the entire app in just 4 minutes. As if that’s not enough, he managed to make the app live and recorded it on YouTube. This proved how ridiculously priced the app was!


Born in Mangaluru, Sandesh Suvarna had pursued his B.E from – NMAMIT, Nitte and his M.Tech from – SJCE, Mysore. Assuming that “Sandesh” will now get a lot of “Sandesha” from tech companies now, Team Mangalorean wishes him best of luck. Kudos galore!

Here’s the entire video:

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Original R.Pai
8 years ago

Doesn’t surprise me at all. The govt-military complex has made it a habit of spending enormous amount of money on silly things. The corruption is nauseating. I’m sure some moron in TSA got a nice kickback from IBM for paying more than a million for a random number generating app!! LOL At least, they build an app for $1.5 million dollars. Read more about how millions were spent on non-existing gas stations and schools in Afghanistaan by Army contractors!!