Kundapur: ‘Bear’ Necessity – Mother Ursine Enters Human Habitat again, This Time with Cub

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Kundapur: Appearance of a bear or more of them around Alur village had unnerved the residents some days ago. Personnel from the department of forests, on receiving complaints, have confirmed the presence of bears in the area.


They have placed a cage to capture them. In the meantime, children have stopped attending classes out of fear. Apparently, these wild animals are finding means to sustain themselves in shortage in the forests and out of sheer necessity they are forced to look for food in the human habitat.

On Monday night, a female and a cub showed up again at nearby Dolabepari, raising the fear level among the people around. The forest personnel have decided to take assistance from the villagers of Edrubail and Satakodu and are working out a strategy to capture them.

A simultaneous operation from four directions is being planned.

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