Kundapur: Dr Mohan Alva Visits Koraga Homes in Kumbhasi, Assures of Free Education

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Kundapur: The Koragas and Malekudiyas are regarded as the original settlers of the undivided district. All others are said to have migrated here at some stage or other from time immemorial.

While the latter have prospered tremendously, the former have still remained backward and neglected. Very few among the educational groups that have thrived in the districts seem to have done much for the downtrodden classes.

Perhaps the Alva’s group in Moodbidri, headed by Dr Mijarguttu Mohan Alva, is one such that has done the maximum for the upliftment of the backward classes. His institutions have adopted about 3,500 students with free scholarships for studies until now.

He paid a visit to some houses belonging to the Koraga community in Kumbhasi in the taluk on Sunday and persuaded the parents to send their children for higher education. He assured them of higher education like in the Nursing and Hotel Management sectors if they so desired.

Dr Alva said it was his heart’s concern to ensure the Koraga children received higher education and make them feel empowered in the society with dignity.

During his visit, he keenly watched the performance of children with their traditional percussion instrument of ‘Dolu’. Taluk Koraga Welfare committee members V Ganesh and Ganesh Barkur were present with Dr Alva.
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