Kundapur: Shiroor Utsav – 2015 comes to a rousing end

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Kundapur: Shiroor Utsav – 2015, a multi-facilitated event to promote the welfare and social perspectives of Shiroor, organised by Shiroor Association culminated here on 18 April with great pomp. Arun Shiroor delivered the introductory note and welcomed the gathering.

T B Jayachandra, Minister for Animal Husbandry, Law and Parliamentary affairs speaking on the occasion said that the concept of Corporate Social Responsibility which was effectively launched by the UPA led central government caters various developmental projects by partnering corporate entities. There is a need for starting a veterinary clinic at Shiroor and the same will be established soon. The construction is in process for the veterinary college at Koila, Dakshina Kannada. He appreciated the move by Sayyed Abdul Khader Bashu in giving 100 cows to the households of Shiroor which would support dairy farming.

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H.K Patil, Minister for Panchayat Raj and Rural Development said that a saline water treatment plant for processing drinking water would be setup as a pilot project in Shiroor to meet the drinking water needs of the people. The ‘Adarsh Sansad Gram Yojana’ will serve its cause only if the central government allocates the special fund of rupees 5 crores towards the development of the village. He also said that each MLA from Karnataka will be adopting 5 villages covering rupees 75 lakhs for the overall development under Gram Vikas scheme. 8 lakh toilets are built across state till 31st March. Every successive government has failed to allocate resources which are easily available around us. For development and the idea of allocating resources for better development work changes are important, he added.

Ramanath Rai, Minister for Forests said that the deemed forest issue is likely to resolve as 1,40,000 acres of non_forest-land is identified and allocated. A proposal to the central government to consider 100 meters for CRZ zone which was earlier 200 meters has been sent. The Paschimavahini project facilitating series of dams on rivers for increasing water level will be implemented as effective discussions have been held with chief minister Siddaramaih, he said.

U.T Khader, Minister for Health and Family welfare said that the need for maternity hospital in Shiroor has been noted and a 10 bed hospital will be introduced. Karnataka is the only one State in the country to introduce medical insurance to APL and BPL card holders. He also said that he has sent a letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi to allocate funds for medical insurance in the future which will be a boon to all the citizens of the country.

Sayyed Abdul Khader, Chairman of Green Valley International School, Shiroor was felicitated for his service towards the society. 25 cows out of the 100 cows were distributed to various households including Muslims to promote dairy farming, this included a legal bond which was distributed by T.B Jayachandra. Scholarship for PUC and SSLC students was also distributed and achievers were honoured by H.K Patil.

Oscar Fernandes, MP Rajya Sabha was felicitated by the organizers for initiating developmental works under Sansad’s Adarsh Gram Yojana.

Vinay Kumar Sorake, Minister for Urban Development and Minister in-charge District also spoke on the occasion.
Gopal Poojary, MLA Byndoor Constituency; MLC Pratapchandra Shetty; Former ZP member Raju Poojary; Muhammed M. Miran Saheb, TP Member Savithri Alvegadde; Ramu Mesta, President Gram Panchayat Shiroor, Sayyed Ibrahim of Shiroor Association and others were present.

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