Kuwait: 9 from Undivided DK Detained for Holding Satyanarayana Puja Deported

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Kuwait: It was quite expected. Nine persons from DK and Udupi districts, who had been detained by the Kuwaiti security authorities two weeks ago for holding a Satyanarayana Puja without requisite clearance from the officials, were deported to India on Friday.

Those charged with serious violation of laws are not allowed to stay in the country. Their employers too tend to sack them from service.


The families back home were hoping at least for their safe return instead of rotting in a foreign jail, even if it came to their losing the jobs, said their friends here. The families back home are likely to heave a sigh of relief with their return, although it would be difficult to come to terms with their having lost their employment.

At the same time, they should be happy that the cases were not pursued and no charges were filed in a court, since the litigation would have dragged for long and there could have even jail sentences for the offence. This was largely because of the intervention and efforts by the ambassador of India here.

The nine persons were put on an Air Arabia flight to Mumbai on Friday around 11 pm. The deportation would also mean that they would not be able to enter Kuwait again.

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  1. This “chaltha hai” attitude is at the root of this incidence. This episode proves that we Indians do not want to follow the rules -it’s the way of life for us. Just look at the traffic discipline for example and so many deaths as a consequence in the coastal region. We take things for granted and when busted we turn into cry-babies. We even bring religion and culture into the debate (even eminent scholars who are settled in the West gave their expert commentary on this forum to criticise the country while saying not a word against the people who broke the law). Kuwaiti authorities are well within their rights to act like the way they did. After all they have a country to run. Their native population is well below 30% of the total population so there is always this sense of uneasiness so they want to make sure they do not encourage this public gatherings without permission and hence probably wanted to make an example out of this case for the rest of the people to see. If you don’t want to obey the law in a foreign country then don’t go there. In India you have all the liberty.

  2. Dear readers,

    Very is our Minister of Foreign Affairs Bellary Amma? Is she busy arranging Humanitarian visa for her family friend Lalitgate.

    As I left many years before, I still believe the religious practice is not a matter of concern within the designated areas.This is the failure of Modi’s diplomatic efforts which has just completed Dubai visit.

    Jai Hind

  3. What nonsense, why do you blame the govt? Your in a foreign country you need to follow the rules of the foreign country. It should be a lesson to everyone who have a “DONT CARE” attitude.

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