Udupi: Vinay Kumar Sorake Inaugurates Various Development Projects in Kaup Constituency

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Udupi: Vinay Kumar Sorake, Minister for Urban Development and Minister in-charge of the district, inaugurated, various development projects in Kaup constituency here on November 13.

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Addressing the gathering, Sorake said that the panchayats coming under the purview of Kaup constituency limits will be visited 6 times each along with the officials. “Efforts are being made to solve the local issues in the panchayats.”

He also said that a job fair will be held in the district to boost employment. A decision has been taken to invite prominent companies to the district to promote employment for the educated youth.

The development of roads has been taken as a priority. The Parkala-Malpe road has been developed with Rs 4 crore. The road has been upgraded to a National Highway and the proposal for the same has been sent to the Central government. The government has released Rs 4 crore for the widening of Athradi-Bajpe airport road.

“The waste from Hiriadka region will be collected and dumped in Alevoor for processing. An UGD system along with STP will be setup. Six and a half acres of land has been reserved for distribution of sites for the poor. Applications under Akrama-Sakrama will also be processed,” he added.

Bommarabeetu GP President Malathi Acharya, Vice-President Chandrashekar, Udupi TP President Sunitha Nayak, Kaup CA Bank President Pradeep, TP EO Bekal, TP President Sunitha Nayak and others were present.

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