Kuwait: Alban Praveen Menezes elected President of KCWA

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Kuwait: The Canara Welfare Association (KCWA) held it’s Annual Meeting on March 20, 2015 at the Indian Community School, Amman Branch, Salmiya. The main agenda of the meeting was the election of the new Executive Committee for the period 2015-2017.

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The meeting commenced with the moderator Deepak Andrade welcoming KCWA’s spiritual director Fr Noel D’Almeida and visiting priest Fr Sunil Dominic Lobo to the gathering followed by the opening prayer by Reema D’Souza. KCWA’s president Anil Fernandes then welcomed all the members who had gathered for the meeting. The minutes of KCWA’s  meeting which was held on February 20, 2015 was then presented by the General Secretary Louis D’Costa. A short presentation highlighting the achievements of KCWA and its committee members for the term 2013-2015 was shown to the audience, which was well received and appreciated by all. Anil Fernandes thanked all those who have continuesly supported KCWA especially for the membership renewal.

Prashant Lloyd D’Souza, Salvadore D’Souza, Wilfred Lobo and Arun Pinto were honoured with a bouquet of flowers by Fr Noel D’Almeida and KCWA’s sports committee for their whole-hearted support and co-operation in regard to the recently concluded KCWA Cricket Cup 2015.

Fr Sunil Dominic Lobo was presented with a cheque of Rs 12.37 lakh for Vimukti by the 2013-2015 committee members, which was generated during KCWA’s Kala Sanz 2015. Fr Lobo then spoke a few words and blessed KCWA to reach even greater heights with social service.

The Election Commission members Anil Fernandes, Ailine Cornelio and Marian Fernandes then began with the proceedings of electing the new committee, which is as below:

Name                  Parish in India Portfolio

Albert Praveen Menezes Karkal (Town) President
Freya Raina Saldanha Milagres     Vice President
Louis Anthony D’Costa Piusnagar   General Secretary
Deepak Andrade         Gurpur         Asst. General Secretary
Steevan S Misquith     Manipal         Treasurer (General)
Harry Fernandes         Kirem         Treasurer (Cultural)
Gilbert Mathias   Pernal         Auditor
Vijay Alfred D’ Souza   Allipade      Members’ Affairs Coordinator
PrashanthLoyd D’Souza Rosario         Sports Secretary
Alban P.F. D’Souza     Shirva         Public Relations Officer
Satish John Saldanha Kateel         Cultural Secretary
Reema Lolita D’Souza Kallianpur   Education Fund Coordinator
Rajesh Aranha    Paladka         Website Administrator
The audience applauded the newly elected committee and KCWA’s new president Albert Praveen Menezes thanked and sought everyone’s support and co-operation for a successful tenure.

Ailine Cornelio delivered the vote of thanks and expressed gratitude towards the school management for providing the hall, Walter Saldanha for the projector, Alban D’Souza for photography, Anand D’Souza for the sound system, Steevan Misquith for the Power Point presentation and to all those gathered for coming in such large numbers.

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