Kuwait: Goan Musical Show on 17th April 2015

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Kuwait: Goan showbiz in Kuwait, in terms of drama and music, has seen a decline of sorts in recent times which is largely due to increasing costs in auditorium fees, entertainment tax and other added expenses.

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However, this has not stopped some of the passionate, die-hard Konkani lovers from organizing some kind of entertainment or other for the ‘music and drama’ loving Goan community.

‘Kuwait Konknni Mogi’, an ever growing popular Goan group in Kuwait, is set to stage a musical show with ‘mon-bhulgaiti’ (mind boggling) songs and comedy skits.

The show directed by well-recognized Domnic Fernandes is scheduled to be staged on 17th April 2014, 4pm sharp at Kuwait Medical Association hall, Jabriya.

Music for the show is provided by Goa’s popular music Maestro Shahu Almeida, pride of Kuwait Goans.

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The 3-hour musical has a lengthy cast originating from North Goa to South, and will see some ‘uncut’, treasured or hidden ‘diamonds’ of Konkani art living in Kuwait. Artistes that will take to the stage include:

Agnelo Rebello (Cortalim)
Alberto Azavedo (Vasco),
Albino Lawrenco (St Cruz )
Augusto, Gaynelle, Adela & Gracy Morais (Ribandar),
Baltazar Pontes (Aldona)
Braz de Parra
Carmo Santos (Carmona)
Comedian Manuel Gonsalves(Ambora)
Comedian Nelson (Sanvordem)
Comedian Salu Faleiro (Betalbatim)
Domnic Fernandes (Raia)
Esparansa & Gasper Crasto (Navelim)
Felix Dias (Aldona)
Gaudencio Gomes (Shirvodem – Navelim)
Gennifer Marshall (Verem)
Jacinto Noronha (Raia)
Laurence Miranda (Sanquelim)
Manu De Mandur
Marlette Fernandes(Socorro)
Michael Micky Fernandes (Ribandar)
Milagres Cardozo (Benaulim)
Peter D Cruz (Anjuna)
Peter Ferns (Cortalim)
Salazar Pires de Menezes (Telaulim -Navelim)
Seby de Calangute
Zelia Rodrigues (Calangute),

Director Domnic Fernandes is one of the key members of Kuwait Konknni Mogi. He has an inbuilt passion for dramas — acting and singing. He began acting and directing dramas from a tender age of 14 years ever since his first drama ‘Dothiche Axek Lagon’.

Domnic’s popular dramas in the past include ‘Piso’, ‘Dukh’, ‘Posro’ (23 shows), etc. Under DA Production, he also wrote and directed Carnival Khell for 5 years when he was just 17 years old in the late ‘80s, and also acted in Khell of Milagres de Ganapoga (Raia).

Domnic’s most recent showing has been ‘Amchem Khoim Chukta Sodun Kadd’, a tiatr with a solid theme and dialogues that was staged all over Goa in the monsoons of 2014. He received rave reviews, for the excellent story, comedy and songs, from almost every Goan newspaper and magazine.

Domnic has been working in Kuwait since 2001 and is strongly associated with church activities, Konkani language and drama.

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  1. Great blog….!!!! Where is your next show.I want to see your show and i’m very excited. I think parts of it actually work better if the person watching it is older. The scene where Molly yells at the unicorn isn’t something a little kid can really understand. Haggard and Mommy Fortuna become a little more sympathetic with age not all the way, but a little bit.

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