Let Gandhiji’s Dream come True…..

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“Can you better the condition of your women? Then you will hope for your well-being. Otherwise you will remain as backward as you are now” – Swamy Vivekananda.

India – a country where women are worshiped as equal to god. Wherein Ramayana teaches us that Ravan and his entire kingdom was wiped out because he abducted Sita. Mahabharatha teaches us that the Kauravas were killed because they humiliated Draupadi. It’s hard to accept the fact that in such a great motherland, women are exploited everyday. Where Ghandhari’s statue is placed in every court of justice. Unfortunately justice is being denied to women victims.

Here in this article I stand on behalf of every mother, daughter, friend, and sister who has passed through exploitation in one or other stage of their lives. This is not my story but a story of every girl who is being exploited by a cruel society in one way or another.

1) Few decades back people did not wish to have a girl child and she was killed before birth.

-I’m in my mothers womb. I can hear my own people planning my death. I hear them explaining to my mom – ”having a girl child is like investing on something wherein you don’t get anything in return. Spend on her education, spend on her marriage, spend on dowry and finally she’ll work and invest her salary on her in-laws. What do we gain by giving her birth? Lets abort!”  I can see my mom fighting for my existence. She’s being beaten up by others and finally she fails to save me. I have already started living in my mother’s womb just waiting to get into this world. I can see and feel everything through my mom. By aborting me, you people are killing me. Yes, you have murdered me just because I am a GIRL.
2) Presently everybody wants to have a girl child but she is being killed by society.

-I took birth. I came into this world with an expectation that I am a girl child and I’ll get lots of love, care and respect from my family and society. I’m proud to take birth in a country like India where women are worshiped as equal to god. But I guess I’m wrong. I see people raping their mothers, daughters and sisters. I read in the news that 3 year old kids are being raped. I am in a dilemma whether to believe it or not. But yes! It’s true. It’s true that my sisters and friends are raped and stabbed to death. And if by chance they are alive, they have no courage to live facing the cruel world where the culprit roams freely and the raped victim is being blamed for her dress code and for her lifestyle.
People are so judgemental. They speak about the girl instead of giving her justice. Few soft hearted people call for protest to give justice to the victim. But after a week or so the protest comes to an end due to the fake promises given by politicians and the lathi charge by the police. The justice to the victim remains an unfulfilled dream.

Nothing can be changed by protests unless our politicians change their mentality. The government has to bring in this change. There must be strict laws against rapists as followed by other developed countries.

There are so many girls who are being raped and the culprits lead a happy life while the victim struggles for justice and respect. So many got raped after Delhi gang rape case still the government is unable to bring a strict law against rapists. Innocent people like Soujanya, Rathna Kottari, Nanditha Poojary and so many others are still unable to get justice. Though most of us know who the culprit is, the cops are unable to arrest these criminals due to the influence of rich businessmen and politicians.  

There was world wide protest against Delhi gang rape. All over India people stood united to give justice for the victim. If Delhi gang rape culprits were hanged to death then probably that would be the last rape case in India. Unfortunately the Delhi event has encouraged many goons to rape and stab innocent girls to death. This shows how inefficient our government is. Why can’t the government hang the rapists to death? Unless we bring strict punishments against rapists, we will fail to bring rape under control.

India is the world’s largest democratic country. The government is of the people, by the people and for the people. But unfortunately, the government doesn’t listen to the poor and the middle class. In India, the definition of democracy is – Government of, for and by the rich people. Law and justice is being purchased by the rich.

Friends, this may not be your story. But it can be your story someday. Many girls are suffering everyday. They do not get their basic freedom and the respect that they deserve. They are unable to live with dignity.

Let us stand united for a good cause before we become a victim to this cruelty. A cause that will give respect to each and every girl of this country. Let our mothers, daughters, sisters and friends live in harmony. Let them live with dignity. Let us urge to bring a change in our system. Let the government bring the change in our law and justice.

Mahathma Gandhiji said, “Freedom is when a girl can roam alone in streets at midnight without any fear.”

Deepthi Rani
Engineering student

Author: Deepthi Rani

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