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Tuesday, March 31, 2020

On Being Judged

She was understandably angry. Everyone she knew had some sort of comment to make and she was fed up of hearing them. She knew,...

The reason why I’m here

When I think of it, I realize that it's been such a long time since I wrote to you. Or talked to you. Or...

The illusion of freedom

No one is ever completely free, in the true sense of the word. Call me a pessimist if you will, but it seems to...

It might have been

Look, down there. That thing you just saw, shattered into a million tiny little pieces, is my heart. That sound you just heard was...

Find A Way Out

This is a haphazard story of disaster, a generalization of sorts. The "man" could be you, me or anyone else. My "story" is not...

Dead Letter

I choose to call this a dead letter because I've decided its faith even before it has taken shape. Since I chose to bare...

The Dead Man Wore Pyjamas

Recently, I was reading Like the Flowing River, by Paulo Coelho. True, there were many thought provoking stories in the book, but there was...

Potter Mania!

About the author:Alma Pereira is a voracious reader, studies in senior 4 (class X) at Sacred Heart School, Bahrain. She is a past winner of...

Live for the moment

It is always fun to dream. To fantasize that you are someone else, somewhere far far away. Someone who has escaped mundane daily life...

I’ll wish I was there

My earliest memory of the activity that has occupied the most generous portion of my life thus far - going to school - is...

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