‘Life’ has been about enjoying myself: Jake Gyllenhaal

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‘Life’ has been about enjoying myself: Jake Gyllenhaal

London, March 18 (IANS) Actor Jake Gyllenhaal, for whom Bollywood is mostly about musical numbers, says his upcoming movie “Life” has been an experiment in enjoying himself and having fun during work, rather than investing a lot of energy into it.

Jake, 36, plays the role of David Jordan in the upcoming science fiction horror film which releases in India on March 24.

In an interview with IANS here, the Oscar-nominated actor said: “To me, ‘Life’ was an experiment and about enjoying myself and having fun.”

He said director Daniel Espinosa’s flick — a thriller about scientists trapped in space with a vicious alien — is a “big scary movie”.

“And most of the roles I play and the movies I have been in, have sort of challenged me and taken a sort of energy from me. One of the decisions I had made out of this (‘Life’) was to enjoy myself and make a big fun scary movie,” Jake told IANS.

Asked if the actor — best known for films like “Brokeback Mountain” and “Nightcrawler” — wanted to work beyond Hollywood in international cinema, particularly Bollywood, he said his choice of films always depends on the story line and the filmmaker.

“I know there always are many musical numbers in most Bollywood movies, which is probably a little intimidating for most of Hollywood, because Hollywood makes different type of films.

“There has been a discussion about that (Hollywood actors working in Bollywood). It is a very very interesting idea,” he said, without divulging more.

Jake, who looked dapper, said many people ask him questions about what type of projects or films he wants to do.

“My response always is that it just depends on the story and the filmmaker and the mind behind it. So to me, moving into international cinema is actually where I would like to go and where I am moving towards,” he added.

The movie “Life” also features Rebecca Ferguson, Ryan Reynolds and Japanese actor Hiroyuki Sanada.

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