Life’s On at KMC! A Wow Super Mom, Wow Wife, Wow Actress-Shilpa Shetty Launches KMC’s ‘Woman & Child Centre’

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Life’s On at KMC! A Wow Super Mom, Wow Super Wife, Wow Super Bollywood Actress Shilpa Shetty Launches Kasturba Medical College’s ‘Woman & Child Centre’ which will be located at the 11th Floor of the Hospital, Dr Ambedkar Circle/Jyothi Circle, Mangaluru

Mangaluru: What Being a Mom Really Means? For a woman, being a mom means more than having given birth to a child. It’s loving and knowing a soul before you even see it. It’s carrying and caring for a life completely dependent on you for survival. It’s giving air to the lungs that grew within you, and a sight to the eyes that will never see you as anything but mommy. It’s sleepless nights, it’s nursing scratches and scrapes, it’s being stern and protective. It’s teaching them to talk, to walk and to eventually run. It’s learning to hand your child to a stranger to let them teach what you cannot at times. It’s bracing them for a fall, and dusting them off after they do.

It’s seeing them cry and not knowing how to fix it, so you sit on the floor and hold them and cry right along beside them. It’s teaching them that they are smart, capable, funny and giving them the security to do great things. It’s building their self-esteem, supporting their dreams and loving them unconditionally. It’s letting them go, letting them fail and teaching them how to get back up. It’s going without so that they don’t have to, and being OK with it. Being a mother is a gift that is unimaginable to any woman who does not have a child in their life. It’s a connection that is unmatched and insurmountable in any form or other relationship. It’s a love that grows continually, a love that always wants more and better.

It’s being terrified that you can’t prevent pain, injustice, heartbreak and at times even death. It’s laughing at jokes that aren’t even funny, but the way they say it makes it’s hilarious. It’s listening to stories that go on and on without a point. It’s always being available for the “Mommy watch me!” yells and “Mommy I need you” pleas. It’s drowning out the word MOM repeated over and over in attempts to get your attention. Its songs sang out of tune and settling squabbles with siblings. It’s being mean, and teaching hard lessons, that hurt you inside so deep you want to cry, but you must stand strong with resolve. It’s being strong for them when you are weak. It’s smiling when you want to cry, and crying when you’re smiling with pride. It’s a blessing, a gift, a relationship that never ends and a love that never dies. It’s the best thing I have ever become, the greatest love I have ever felt and the best part about being me.

And keeping Mother’s in mind Kasturba Medical College Hospital had held a contest named “WOW MOM” for the would-be Mothers, and nearly 350 expecting Mothers took part in this Contest, and the two winners in this Contest were awarded the prizes, during the launch of “WOMAN & CHILD CENTRE” which will be located on the 11th Floor of KMC Hospital, near Dr Ambedkar Circle/Jyothi Circle- Mangaluru. And when KMC launches something unique they do it in a grand scale, by inviting the right celebrities to do the honors- like in April of this year, they had invited Former Indian Cricket Team captain Rahul Dravid for the launch of Manipal Arogya Card by Manipal Hospitals,at TMA Pai Convention Centre, Mangaluru, which took place on 23 April 2019.

And while launching this unique project specially meant for the Woman & Child, with an aim to offer an all-encompassing and comprehensive service for woman and childcare, KMC Hospital today unveiled an exclusive “WOMAN & CHILD CENTRE”, and it was done by a Right Person, being a Wow Super Mom, Wow Super Wife and a Wow Super Actress- none other than Kudla’s origin Ms Shilpa Shetty Kundra, who was joined on stage by Dr H S Ballal-Pro Vice Chancellor-Manipal Academy of Higher Education (MAHE), and His Wife Ms Indira Ballal; Dr Anand Venugopal- Regional Chief Clinical Services-KMC; Saghir Siddiqui- Regional Chief Operating Officer; Karthik Rajagopal- Chief Operating Officer-Manipal Health Enterprises; and Dr Vasudha Shetty-Head Medical Services-Manipal Health Enterprises.

Briefing on the ‘Woman & Child Centre’, Saghir Siddiqui- Regional Chief Operating Officer, KMC Hospitals said, “Our Women & Child clinic is the only boutique delivery centre in Dakshina Kannada where multi-disciplinary clinical expertise is bundled with a premium world-class experience. It will be a special experience for all ladies who are looking at services on par with international standards. Services like high-risk pregnancy care, Pre-conception counselling and medical genetic facilities, specialized diagnostic services – Anomaly Scan, NT scan, Fetal ECHO, 24hrs laboratory and blood bank services and Neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) would also be available. Centre will also provide high-end neonatal intensive care unit for preterm babies”.

“With a dedicated team of highly skilled Obstetricians, Gynecologists, Neonatologists, and Pediatricians, this center will be a one-stop solution for women. The center will provide some unique services for expectant mothers like; Buddy Service – A friend through your pregnancy for any query, Antenatal classes – Lamaze, Nutrition & Diet Session and memorable experience through photo-shoot, celebrations and baby Kit. Other enhanced facilities like; Daycare procedures will be conducted, cancer screening facility including pap smear & HPV test, family planning advice, genetic or any gynecological emergency, counselling / treatment-related menopause or menstrual disorder Hysteroscopy, Laparoscopy, Colposcopy procedures, puberty disorder, post-partum sterilization would be all available under one roof. For more information on maternity packages and other services, contact 9148230813 “added Saghir.

Expressing his happiness on the centre in his welcome address, Dr H S Ballal, Pro-Vice-Chancellor, Manipal Academy of Higher Education said “This comprehensive clinic will be a great advantage for women thereby addressing the various needs, challenges and requirements of motherhood. Motherhood is not just about delivering a child but an experience and a journey, which can be enriched and augmented at each step by providing specialized care.”

After presenting the prizes, sash and crown to the winners of the WOW MOM contest, namely Ms Nafisa Malik who bagged the first place with a cash prize of Rs 75,000, gift vouchers from KMC Healthcare and other goodies; and Runner-Up place bagged by Ms Monisha D’Souza, who took home a cash prize of Rs 50,000 and other goodies- Ms Shilpa Shetty addressing the audience said,” “Hello Kudla, Niklekh Pura Yenna Namaskara! (Hello Kudla, My Greetings to you all ) I am overwhelmed to be in my Hometown to Launch Mother & Child Centre, and to be amidst you all good and friendly people of Kudla. Coming to Kudla makes me crave for Pelakaida Gatti (Jack Fruit Dessert) and Moode, when MC Anurag Bangera just mentioned about it, but unfortunately, I am out of luck in having Pelakaida Gatti, since Jack fruit season is over”.

“Coming back to today’s occasion, my heartiest congratulations to KMC Hospitals for this great initiative. Women often ignore their health as they have to juggle between different roles and at times do not pay any attention towards their wellness. Dedicated clinics for woman and child will empower them to take charge of their health. Pregnancy is a beautiful journey in every woman’s life but at the same time, it requires attention from competent doctors, state of the art infrastructure and innovative technology that can simplify their lives. I am confident that this dedicated centre will create a significant impact and make healthcare accessible and affordable for women in Dakshina Kannada. What it feels like to be a mother is so different for each woman, and what it has been like for me as a caring mom has been different at each stage of our lives, and yet the most important things, to me, remain the same, namely, profound and primal love and protectiveness. Each woman’s experience is unique, and you should be proud of being a first-time mother or already a mother” added Ms Shilpa Shetty.

Ms Shilpa Shetty answered a few queries on Parenthood posed to her by a couple of women, and he answered them to the point with advises. The progarmme began with welcome dances performed by local dance group “Ocean Kids”, to a few Bollywood numbers in which Shilpa Shetty Kundra had acted. The vote of thanks was proposed by Dr Sindhu S Prasad- Senior Executive KMC Administration; and publicity and hospitality were handled by Ms Swathi Raviraj and Rakesh, both Deputy Managers, Marketing Dept-KMC. The programme was compered very professionally with a touch of wit, by debonair Anurag Bangera.

Prior to the formal function, there was a press meet, where Ms Shilpa Shetty interacted with the media persons and answered a few queries. During the press meet, Karthik Rajagopal- Chief Operating Officer-Manipal Health Enterprises said “We are extremely pleased to be foraying into the space of dedicated clinic for “Women & Child”. The clinic will focus on personalised care coupled with accurate diagnosis and treatment of complex gynecological conditions. This resonates with our commitment and vision of providing comprehensive, affordable and accessible healthcare to all our patients. We hope to expand our footprints in other markets as well.”

Sharing his thoughts on occasion, Dr. Anand Venugopal, Regional Chief Clinical Services, KMC Hospitals said, “ We are happy to provide a gamut of specialized services ranging from pre-natal & post-natal care, 24/7 expert pool of doctors, services in pediatric consultations and state of the art neonatal care along with painless delivery. With the latest technological adoptions in this facility, we are creating a benchmark of providing a holistic/ multi-disciplinary approach for women and childcare”

About Manipal Hospitals:

As a pioneer in healthcare, Manipal Hospitals is among the largest hospital network in India serving over 2 million patients annually. Its focus is to develop an affordable tertiary care multispecialty healthcare framework through its entire multispecialty delivery spectrum and further extend it to homecare. With its flagship quaternary care facility located in Bangalore, India, 7 tertiary care, 5 secondary care and 2 primary care clinics spread across India and abroad, today Manipal Hospitals successfully operates and manages 5,900 beds across 15 hospitals.

Manipal Hospitals provides comprehensive curative and preventive care for a multitude of patients from across the globe. Manipal Hospitals has one-day care clinic in Lagos, Nigeria. Manipal Hospitals is first in India to be awarded accreditation by the AAHRPP for ethical standards in clinical research activities. It is also NABL, NABH and ISO certified. Manipal Hospitals is also the most respected hospital company in India and the most patient recommended hospital in India by consumer survey.

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