Lok Sabha Polls, SVEEP Holds Various Competitions for Transgenders at  ZP 

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Lok Sabha Polls, SVEEP Holds Various Competitions for Transgenders at  ZP 

Mangaluru: Various competitions related to Lok Sabha polls were organized by the SVEEP committee for transgenders at the Netravati Hall, Zilla Panchayat here on March 30.

Transgenders took part in the dance, Singing a quiz competitions. The dance competition was very tough with 16 transgenders participating. There were 8 contestants for the singing and 18 for the quiz competitions.

Deputy director of Youth Welfare and Sports department Pradeep D’Souza briefed the participants on the EVM and VVPT machines and demonstrated the process of voting. He also explained the importance of the elections and the participation of every citizen above 18 years of age in the process.

Later General Secretary of SVEEP Sudhakar administered the election oath to the transgenders. Addressing the transgenders Sudhakar said, “Every vote is precious and every citizen who is above 18 years of age has the responsibility to elect their leader. So it is our duty to cast our vote on April 18. He asked everyone to make time and go to their respective polling booths and cast their vote”.

Zilla Panchayat CEO and the President of SVEEP Selvamani R speaking on the occasion said, “This year we have planned to organize programmes for the weaker sections, especially for the transgenders. The elections are a festival of Democracy and we all should take part in this festival.”

Selvamani further said, “As I know there are a lot of problems to get the voter ID for the transgenders but we will solve all the problems one by one. Those who have not applied for the voter ID, we will apply them once the elections are over. Those who have lost their IDs should apply for new IDs after the elections. Every vote is very precious and with your one vote, we can elect a good leader. I once again request all the transgenders to go to the polling booth on April 18 and cast their vote.”

President of Parivarthan Charitable Trust Ramya Gowda speaking on the occasion said, “Casting vote is our right. Earlier we did not have the opportunity to vote. Now when the election is nearing politicians come to us asking for votes, but they are not bothered to provide us with basic facilities and jobs. We have a very good constitution and to protect our constitution we all should vote. Our Indian constitution is the best constitution in the world. On April 18 all of us should cast our vote and elect a good candidate.”

Deputy Director Usman also spoke on the occasion and said, “This programme is organized for the special people. Our aim is that no voter should be left out from casting his/her vote. Everyone who is above 18 is eligible for voting. So April 18, go to the polling booths and cast your precious vote”.

CDPO Urban Shobha delivered the vote of thanks. Founder of Parivarthan Charitable Trusts Violet Pereira compered the programme.

The prize winners in various competitions are:

Singing competition

Ramya – 1st prize
Nethra – 2nd prize

Dance competition

Kamya – 1st Prize
Shwetha – 2nd prize


Priya – 1st prize
Prema – 2nd prize
Kamya – 2nd prize

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