LS Polls 2019: Many Voters Names Deleted from List at Last Minute – J R Lobo

LS Polls 2019: Many Voters Names Deleted from List at Last Minute – J R Lobo

Mangaluru: “I have cast my vote in my polling station at St Sebastian primary school. When I visited my polling station I found a large number of people standing in the queue showing enormous interest in casting their vote. All over the city and in my constituency, I see the enthusiasm among the voters, they have come in the early hours of the day which shows they have faith in the democratic process”, said the former MLA of Mangaluru South Constituency J R Lobo, after casting his vote on April 18.

Speaking to J R Lobo said,  “I am really happy about the arrangements for the polling by the polling authorities and the district administration, the pain they have taken to make all the arrangements for the smooth electoral process. They have made the necessary arrangements for the elderly to come to the polling station to cast their votes. The polling officers at the booths are also very helpful and are handling the polling process smoothly”.

Lobo further said, “I am not happy with the voters’ list as I have received many complaints about their names being deleted at the last minute without giving them an opportunity to explain. This unilateral deletion of the voters from the list should be enquired. I demand the authorities of the election commission to order an inquiry into it. If the voter list itself is faulty, in my opinion, the entire election process is faulty. Here, a large number of voters have been deleted without giving them an opportunity to defend or explain. This leads us to suspect the election process. I will take up this issue at a higher level”.

When asked about when the names were deleted, Lobo said, “15 days ago when checked, their names were present in the voters’ list but now at the last minute, it shows that their names have been deleted. In this case, I may also go to the court to set aside the voting process. I will collect all the evidence. In polling station 1, Shreyas Bhat’s name was present but now his name has been deleted. Is this a fair voting process denying any citizen his right to vote? I will demand an inquiry.”

When asked about the FIR in Barke station about duplicate voters, Lobo said, “I have gone through the FIR copy. It is a false case. The institution was located in Urwa and have now been shifted to Kulshekar side. They have already given the application to delete the voters address from Urwa and include it in Kulshekar. They are all handicapped and elderly people. I have asked the institution to collect the details. Let them inquire if there are any discrepancies, but today no one has the right to stop them from casting their vote.”

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Barke station duplicate voters FIR – I didn’t know that we require two application forms to change our voter card address – one for registering new address and other for deleting old address! Why don’t they simplify process with a single form?