LS polls: Delhi to witness extra police deployment at 13,500 polling stations

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LS polls: Delhi to witness extra police deployment at 13,500 polling stations
New Delhi: For Lok Sabha polling, when precisely 1.47 crore eligible voters will exercise their franchise, there will be an extra deployment of two Head Constables and half a section of Central para-military forces at each of the critical premises in addition to the normal deployment, Delhi Police sources said on Sunday.

For the poll process to pass smoothly, the cops have also begun preparations and are taking preventive action against liquor, drugs and arms mafias in every district.

Ahead of the upcoming Lok Sabha elections, Delhi Police sources told IANS that they have forwarded a list of various polling stations to the Election Commission.

“The city is expected to accommodate around 13,500 polling booths, likely distributed across 2,700 locations throughout Delhi,” said the source.

After gathering data from different police districts, IANS discovered that the New Delhi district has the fewest critical polling booths, numbering less than five.

In contrast, the southeast district has identified 53 critical polling stations.

Both Shahdara and northwest districts have submitted lists of 146 critical booths each. Additionally, around 38 critical booths are anticipated in the outernorth district.

In the northeast district, which experienced violent communal clashes shortly after the last general elections, there are approximately 255 polling stations, with 55 falling under the critical category.

In Dwarka district, where about 1,200 polling booths are expected to be set up across 250 premises, over 50 have been marked as critical.

It’s important to note that these figures are provisional and have been forwarded to the Returning Officer of each respective district for final decision-making.


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