Lucky escape for occupants as car rolls over at Uppoor

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Lucky escape for occupants as car rolls over at Uppoor

Udupi: The occupants of a car had a lucky escape when the car they were travelling in rolled over on NH 66 near Uppoor while trying to avoid hitting a cow here, on Friday, July 22.


According to sources, the Maruti car was on its way to Udupi from Kundapur. At Uppoor, a cow suddenly came on to the road. The driver, in the process of applying the brakes instantly to avoid hitting the cow, lost control, causing the vehicle to rollover.


The vehicle landed in a field on the side of the road. No injuries were reported in the accident. Traffic movement was disrupted for some time. The car has been badly damaged.

The Brahmavar Police visited the spot.

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  1. Truly unfortunate!

    Cows are a big menace to traffic, and the RTO is not doing anything about it.

    Cows are respected spiritually by the Hindus , but that does not give the owners of the cows the right to let them loose on the main roads. If they are stolen or knocked down by a vehicle – certain political goons come forth to make a big noise about a cow and it’s sacred values. Why don’t such political goons go around finding out whose cow or bulls are roaming around freely on the roads, and warn their owners.

    The RTO must take action of lifting all cows, private buses, lorries, etc. parked on highways and roads – as they cause hindrance to vehicles and pedestrians.

  2. I never understood why our RTO officials won’t round up all those cows, goats and pigs found in public property (especially streets) and make the owner pay a huge penalty. They have to do this only once and see how quickly this issue will go away!!! Our leaders and govt officials are a different breed. Don’t expect any creative solutions from these characters.

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