Madikeri: Huge Crocodile Shows up in River Cauvery near Residential Area in Kushalnagar

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Madikeri: A huge crocodile made an appearance in river Cauvery near the Yogananda residential extension in town earlier this week. It has spread scare around as a large number of women go to the bathing ghat to wash clothes.

The river flows adjacent to the residential area. It is not the first time that it has appeared. According to those coming to the riverside everyday, this is at least a fourth appearance.

It is not even known if it is the same one that has appeared every time. The residents of the locality fear that there could be more than one inhabiting the river.

Many women have stopped going near the river. The people around have appealed to the authorities to have it captured and shifted to a distant place or sanctuary so that there would not be any harm to humans.

Croc and shock!

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