Mahesh Bhatt eager for freedom from ‘CBFC stranglehold’

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Mumbai, Jan 1 (IANS) National Award-winning filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt said on Friday he hopes for “artistic freedom” in the Indian film industry with the changes that may appear in the framework of the Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC) after the announcement for a newly-appointed panel.

Bhatt, who has been a part of filmdom since over four decades, and has been vocal about his opinions, took to Twitter on Friday to question why the freedom was not being given to filmmakers till no“.

“Tomorrow we will have artistic freedom. Tomorrow we will be out of the stranglehold of the CBFC! Why can’t we be free now? Today” Why?” Bhatt posted on Twitter.

His comment came soon after acclaimed filmmaker Shyam Benegal was on Friday appointed by the central government to lead a new committee. The panel has been formed to recommend a holistic framework for the Indian film censor board and to suggest changes in the Cinematograph Act, so that artistic creativity and freedom are not stifled.

According to an official statement, the committee, formed upon Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s intervention in the growing issues related to CBFC, has been constituted for “holistic interpretation” of the provisions of the Cinematograph Act/Rules.

The decision is in sync with Modi’s vision that a milieu should be ensured wherein “artistic creativity and freedom do not get stifled or curtailed and the people tasked with the work of certification understand these nuances”.


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