Man Hacked to Death at Kodialguthu

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Mangaluru:  Man hacked to death in early hours at Kodial Guthu in the Barke Station Limits, here on March 21.

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The deceased has been identified as Vinayak Panduranga Baliga (52), a resident of Kodialguthu. He was a electrical contractor and popularly known as Vidyuth Baliga .

According to the family members at around 5:30 am, Vinayak was on his way to the temple on his two wheeler.

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Speaking to one of the neighbour said that he was sleeping on the floor in his house facing the lane. At around 5.45am he heard a weak cry for help from the lane. He came out thinking that a cat was crying. He was shocked to see his own neighbour Vinayak lying in a pool of blood. He immediately informed Vinayak’s family members who live in the next compound.

DCP crime Dr Sanjeev Patil along with CCB inspector Valentine D’Souza, Kadri Police Inspector Maruti and team reached the spot.

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Canine squad and finger print experts also reached the spot. The body has been shifted to KMC Hospital Jyothi.

Further investigation is on.

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