Mangaluru: 19 Hrs, 271.5 km, 6,063 m! Pro-Cyclist Dony Menezes makes yet another Record

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Mangaluru: Yes, pro-cyclist Donald alias Dony Menezes, a entrepreneur hailing from Mary_Hill here proved he is the “beast” as fondly called by his “guru” Kishan Bangera when he completed 271.6 km non-stop cycling covering two major ghats and attaining 6,063 m elevation.- in 18 hrs and 32 minutes- a record which Donny says, “This loop has never been done by anyone so far in one day, a total of 271 kms and elevation of 6063 meters. For this achievement I already received lots of compliments and applauds across the nation and globe.”


Riding a bicycle and Pedaling long distance is not something new for Dony as he had done 302 km with his “Guru” Bangera between Mangaluru and Shiroor in September 2015. But his recent adventure was the 6,063 m elevation, which proved to be a greatest achievement in his cycling career which he started in March 2015.. Another milestone about this achievement is that no one has so far completed the Mangaluru-Charmadi-Kudremukh-Moodabidri-Mangaluru loop in a single day.

Speaking to about this adventurous journey, Dony, a member of Mangaluru Bicycle Club said, ” I had dreamt of crossing four ghats—Charmadi, Kelagur, Kalasa and Kudremukh—in a day. Starting at 4 a.m., I took off on Wednesday, 11 February along with Kishan Bangera at Punjalkatte near Belthangady and I rode solo till the end reaching home at around 10.30 p.m. The Moving time was 14:42:37, with an average speed of 18.5 kmph, and maximum speed of 69.8 kmph to cover the elevation: 6,063 m. It was B.R. Sadashiva Rao, another MBC member, who encouraged me to undertake Wednesday’s expedition,” .


He further said, “During the 18 hours 32 minutes elapsed time, I was on the saddle for 14 hours 42 minutes. While the average speed was 18.5 kmph, I clocked the maximum speed of 69.8 kmph downhill Kudremukh Ghat. Luckily, throughout the journey I never faced any hurdles nor did my bike gave any troubles. During the journey I took only 10 mins break, and had two lime-sodas to quench my thirst-rest was simply a history”.


Speaking to Dony’s “Guru” Bangera said, ” It was the sheer willpower of Dony that made him to achieve it. Few months back I just introduced him to cycling and then everything else has been achieved solely by Dony. During the 2015 Trek Mangaluru challenge, we both had cycled 2,792 km and 2,391 km, respectively, during 30 days in September to be the winner and runner-up of the contest.


Dony who is 49 years old took up the hobby of cycling to reduce his weight and become fit. With an entry-level mountain terrain bike for the first five months, he clocked about 7,000 km with 167 km being the longest ride. After gaining confidence, Dony directly graduated to a road bike avoiding a hybrid from which point of time he is on a record-making and breaking spree. Working for Emirates Airlines in Dubai for 21 years, where he got some health problems due to pollution at the airport, he decided to come back for good to his hometown, Mangaluru in 2012, and started his own Real estate business.


Team Mangalorean extends tons of compliments to Dony Menezes for his greatest achievement in his cycling career. Keep up the good work and keep pedaling for more glory’s.

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8 years ago

Great epic ride I ever seen. 6063 meters of elevation unbelievable achievements. Keep going my boy.

8 years ago

Superb achievement ????keep continue.god bless you.all the best

8 years ago

Wow what a ride. Unimaginable achievement hats off sir. Great article by Mr Alfie.

Rita philomena
8 years ago

Congratulations dear Dony, you are now unstoppable. We are proud of you. What a great ride we can’t even dream. Hats off.

8 years ago

Dony sir, What is this, no doubt that you are a big beast. Only man like you can do this kind of madness Lol. Congratulations

Dony Menezes
8 years ago

Thank you Mr Alfie and team. Jai ho

Dony Menezes
8 years ago

Thank you, Mr Ronny,Jerry,Priya,Rita,Johny. Because of your lovely comments I. Can achieve more and more. Keep Supporting me. Thanks once again

8 years ago

Congrats Mr. Dony on your new achievement. Its a great achievement as its was a sole ride. All the very best. I am really happy and proud to have you as my good friend.

Dony Menezes
8 years ago
Reply to  Demian

Thank you professor Demian.

Wency Fernandes
8 years ago

Dear Mr. Dony,

Congrats Mr. Dony and all the very best. I would like to know which bike are you riding and what is the cost in India? I also ride bicycle here in Abu Dhabi and I love riding it. Can you please give me some names of good bikes available in India.

Dony Menezes
8 years ago

Drear Wency. Thank you. I am using giant road bike defy3 .cost around 70k

Jay Menezes
8 years ago

Riding solo, such distance and astoundding elevation is simply amazing!! It’s quite an achievement I must say. Keep pushing the peddles on your saddles to the next level. you’re an example to all the young and old cyclists of Mangalore. along the way help them push their limits as well. All the best Dony.

Dony Menezes
8 years ago
Reply to  Jay Menezes

Thank you very much sir. My aim is to promote bicycle all over Globe. One day when it happens all will breathe better air.