Mangaluru: 19th Federation Cup – Sooria from Tamil Nadu Bags Gold in 5000 Metre Race

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Mangaluru: The first day of the 19th Federation games started with the 5000 m race at the Mangala Stadium at 6.00 am here on May 1.

In the Men’s 5000 metres race, G Laxmanan Laxmanan representing the Army won the first place with 13:58.40 minutes, Gopi also from the Army won the second place with a timing of 14:03.17 minutes and Suresh Kumar from ONGC bagged the third place in 14:03.28 minutes.

Speaking to, Laxmanan said, “I am representing Army. My best timing was 13:50 at the national championship.”














In the 5000 metre women’s race, Sooria L from Tamil Nadu won the gold. Speaking to, Sooria said, “I am not happy with my performance, because my earlier record was 16:20. I completed the race in 16:55.90 minutes. After suffering from leg injury one month ago, I came back to the field. From the start of the race, I did not feel comfortable. I am not fully satisfied with my performance. I have to put more efforts in the next 10,000 metre race.”

P V Chitra from Kerala claimed the second place with 16:56.29 minutes and Pariti Lamba from Haryana bagged third place in 16:56.51 minutes.

Womens 5000m Run
1 Sooria (TN) 16:55.90
2 Chitra P U (KER) 16:56.29
3 Pariti Lamba (HAR) 16:56.51
4 Swati Haribhau Gadhavi (MAH) 16:57.47
5 Sanjeevini Baburao Jadi (MAH) 16:59.86
6 Kavita Raut (ONGC) 17:08.36
7 Kuljit Kaur (PUN) 18:53.43
8 Amrita Pal (UP) 19:28.21
9 Daljeet Kaur (HAR) 19:45.52
10 Anisha Devi (CRPF) 20:26.56
Mens 5000m Run
1 G Laxmanan Laxmanan (ARMY) 13:58.40
2 Gopit (ARMY) 14:03.17
3 Suresh Kumar (ONGC) 14:03.28
4 Man Singh (UK) 14:15.62
5 Kheta Ram (ARMY) 14:16.24
6 Kalidas Laxman Hirve (MAH)   14:18.10
7 Inderjit Patel (ONGC) 14:21.91
8 Nitender Singh Rawat (UK) 14:23.41
9 Arjun Kumar (UP) 14:39.13
10 MD Yunus Mohmad (MAH) 14:41.43
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