Mangaluru: 6 Ten-tola Gold Bars Concealed in Passenger’s Rectum Seized at MIA

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Mangaluru: The officers of Directorate of Revenue Intelligence have busted another modus operandi of gold smuggling and seized 6 Ten Tola gold bars weighing 700 grams valued at Rs 18,90,000/- concealed in the rectum of a passenger on February 19.

The gold was seized from a passenger identified as  Mohammed Sharoon (22), a resident of Kandathpalli, Mangaluru. He arrived at the airport on February 19 at 8:45 am by Jet Airways flight no 9W531 from Dubai .

Further investigation is under progress.

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  1. Mohammed Sharoon….very talented man!! smiless.
    For a change, this guy is NOT from Kasaragodu. This should make Sharia Pandita and Joker Praveena Pinto very proud!!

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