Mangaluru: Activist Vidya Dinker appeals to Home Minister to STOP ‘Immoral Policing’ in City

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Mangaluru: Social activist Vidya Dinker-coordinator of Citizens Forum for Mangalore Development has appealed to Home Minister Dr G Parameshwara to urgently look into the ‘Immoral Policing” matter and personally direct his ministry to restore peace and the rule of law in Dakshina Kannada district. The following is the appeal letter addressed to the Home Minister by Vidya Dinker



Dr G. Parameshwara
Hon’ble Home Minister
Government of Karnataka
Bangalore – 560001

Dear Sir,
Sub.: Increasing incidences of ‘Immoral Policing’ – Concerted Action sought.

With deep distress we wish to inform you that Dakshina Kannada district, especially Mangaluru, has been continuously targeted for ‘immoral policing’ by self styled extremist and religious fundamentalist organizations. Our district is slowly getting converted into a flash point for communal tension and this in turn gets resonated in sporadic incidences of violence and ‘immoral policing’.

The most recent such incidence has been that of antisocial elements forcibly preventing the exhibition of ‘Dilwale’, a Hindi film starring Shah Rukh Khan at various film theatres in Mangaluru city. It was reported i and other publications, that rowdies belonging to the Bajrang Dal targeted the three multiplexes in the city, namely PVR, Cinepolis and Big Cinemas, which had scheduled screenings of the film and tickets had also been sold for the same.

Cinegoers were visibly distressed by the incident and the multiplex managements panicked and cancelled the subsequent shows. Other individual theatres have also discontinued their screenings of the film in fear. It is reported in the media that Bajrang Dal leaders have openly accepted responsibility for the attack. We hereby wish to express our outrage over these affronts on our civil rights. Citizens are being told what to do and what not to do by these goons and their anti-social
outfits. An atmosphere of fear is created and perpetuated with mafia style tactics. This trend of unofficial censorship and immoral policing is shameful, unfortunate and amounts to virtual murder of democracy.

The police response to the overall issue of ‘immoral policing’ in the city and the District seems inadequate A parallel government is being established by these criminal syndicates and citizens are losing confidence in the police and official machinery. After the latest incident, we made a representation before Sri S. Murugan, Commissioner of Police of Mangaluru on the evening of 21st December. He was generally receptive as we have also been to him with our concerns on previous incidents of immoral policing in the city limits and assured us full commitment of the police department to tackle the present issue.

We are also happy to note the some follow up action has been initiated by him in this regard. However, ‘immoral policing’ is a serious issue with deep political and social undertones. The diligence of the police alone is not enough to curb it. The government should express its political will to eradicate the problem once and for all. The state home ministry should play an active role and render its expertise.

Hence we urge you to urgently look into the matter and personally direct your ministry to restore peace and the rule of law in Dakshina Kannada district. As an immediate measure we request you to seek reports on the present incident at hand – that of attack on movie theaters located under Urwa and Pandeshwar Police stations which are screening the Shah Rukh Khan film ‘Dilwale’ – and ensure centralized monitoring of the concerned police jurisdictions dealing with the matter.

We trust that you will respond positively to this appeal.
Thank you.

Warm Regards,

Vidya Dinker

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  1. Dear readers,

    I appreciate one smart lady had stood up to represent the so called future ‘smart’ city. It is no doubt that people of twin district has lost hopes in law enforcement department. The recent incident of police boycotting the office and sting operation of ‘cobrapost’ has confirmed that department has been saffronised to extent of no return.It was strongly believed that police intelligence has all inputs but asked be soft on Hindu fundamentalism.

    It is hopeless to write to Home minister which don’t reply to the letter. I would request the brave lady to post it to President of India,PM office, Central Home Ministry CC and address to the UN,Human rights organisation and leading mass media of globe.

    All that may even the risk of life like ‘Kalburgi’.But definitely there will officers rushing to your office with white flag.

    The questions on intolerance became embarrassing subject for PM in UK. But the RSS and its sister organisation are trying hard to embrace India, which wants to welcome ‘Atithi'(Guest) with ‘Devo Bhavo’.

    I would also ask the lady to open signature campaign to attach the grievance of citizens.

    Jai hind

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