Mangaluru: Advocate Fazal Rahim Takes Charge as President of Puttur Block Congress

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Mangaluru: The state President of thr Congress party Dr G Parameshwar appointed Advocate Fazal Rahim as the President of Puttur Block Congress.

The present block Congress president Kavu Hemanath Shetty who had recently formed a non-political outfit called Bharatiya Hindu Parishat was removed from his post as President of Puttur Block Congress. Senior Congress leader and former Union minister B Janardhana Poojary was against the forming of BHP and advised the party to take strict action against the person who had founded it in Puttur. He also said that forming Bhartiya Hindu Parishat is against the principles of the Congress party.


On January 31, the president of KPCC Dr G Parameshwar taking action sent an appointment letter to the district congress office appointing Advocate Fazal Rahim as the President of Puttur Block Congress removing K Hemanath Shetty the founder of BHP from the post. Kavu Hemanath Shetty was holding interim charge of the Puttur Block congress.

The letter, sent to Fazal Rahim, stated that, he should work under the guidance of the Congress committee and with the support of the congress leaders should work for the welfare of the party.

Dr G Parameshwar also wished him success in his political career.

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