Mangaluru: After 7 Months of Marriage with Insa Kaleel, Bharat Raj Embraces Islam in Dubai

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Mangaluru: As a saying goes love is blind, Bharat Raj proved by marrying Insa Kaleel and later embracing Islam.


On 19 November 2014, Insa Kaleel(19) from Kotekar went missing. Insa’s parents filed a complaint of abduction of their daughter in the Ullal Police Station. Later, it was confirmed that Insa eloped with Bharat, a bus conductor from Ira near Mangaluru. Bharat and Insa went to Mysuru and got married according to Hindu rituals in the presence of a Hindu organization.

On 22 November 2014, Insa sent a letter to the media houses which stated, “Let us live our life, do not search for us. If anyone attempts to find us, we will commit suicide. No one has forced me to marry Bharat, I love him very much and on my own wish, I have accepted Bharat and married him.”


After marriage, Bharat and Insa went to Dubai. It is now learnt that, Bharat after understanding the principles of Islam, has embraced Ismam and chosen the name as Mohammed Bilal.

Bharat Raj, without any pressure showed desire to embrace Islam by his own choice. Javeed Ahmed Khateen briefed him about the principles of Islam and faith. Mohammed Bilal (Bharat Raj) is now residing in Dubai.

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  1. Love is blind. And, our media is blind to facts!!
    Did Insa and Bharath have any option other than going down this route ? I have been asking for months on this forum a simple question – What’s the punishment for apostasy in Islam ?

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