Mangaluru: Amid Protests District Administration Celebrates Tipu Jayanti

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Mangaluru: The district administration in association with the Zilla Panchayat, the Minority Welfare department and the Kannada and Cultural department observed Tipu Jayanti at the Netravati Hall, ZP premises here, on November 10.

The programme began with an invocation. District Minority Welfare officer Usman A welcomed the gathering. Deputy commissioner A B Ibrahim briefed on the history and contribution of Tipu Sultan to the country.

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The programme was inaugurated by the district minister in-charge B Ramanath Rai by lighting the lamp along with other dignitaries. Rai later unveiled a portrait of Tipu Sultan and also released a booklet on Tipu published by the Information department.

In his inaugural speech, Ramanath Rai said, “People who have contributed to the country and dedicated their lives, will remain an integral part of our history. No one can change it”. He further said that when the state government led by Siddaramaiah announced the celebration of the birth anniversary of Tipu Sultan, there were objections.

“There are anti-social elements who try to spoil the peace and harmony in the society. Tipu was a freedom fighter and he did not discriminate on religious grounds. It is written in history that many Christians missionaries were tortured but according to the administration, he had taken action against those who supported the British and he had fought the battle in his own way. Instead of recalling the mistakes of Tipu, we need to remember the contribution of Tipu to the country. It is our duty to retain peace and harmony in the society.” He also congratulated the Chief minister for his decision to celebrate Tipu Jayanti.

MLC Ivan D’Souza speaking on the occasion said that when the government had announced to celebrate Tipu Jayanti, many organizations protested and alleged that Tipu converted Hindus to Islam and he killed Christians. “This is the first time that we are celebrating Tipu Jayanti and people will understand Tipu’s contribution in time”. He further said, “When there is an emergency or mob violence, the police use lathi charge to control the situation because it is their duty to maintain law and order. During the lathi charge, police do not see whether the person is a Hindu, Muslim or Christian and perform their duty. Likewise when Tipu was in power, he was performing his duty. Tipu’s aim was to destroy his enemies and he took action against those who had violated the law by supporting the British. Let the people decide about continuing the celebration.” Ivan also congratulated the government for its decision. “Instead of being a rat and living for 100 years, it is better to live as a tiger for a short time,” he added.

MLA Moideen Bava said, “When we were small, we used to study about Tipu Sultan in history books and no one raised their voice against him. But now, when the state government led by CM Siddaramaiah decided to celebrate Tipu Jayanti, we see opposition and also allegations on Tipu. We need to learn about the achievements of Tipu and how he fought against the British.” Bava thanked the state government for recognizing the freedom fighter Tipu Sultan. “Many people tag him as anti-Hindu but if we recall history, we will come to know that he helped Hindus to retain the temples and contributed a lot to the development of the temples. Those who fought for the freedom of the country should be remembered,” he said.

Prof  Uday delivered the keynote address and briefed on the contribution of Tipu Sultan.  MLA J R Lobo delivered the presidential address.   Dr Santhosh Kumar delivered the vote of thanks.  SP Dr Sharanappa, SCP Law and order Shanatharaj, ZP CEO Sreevidya, Chairman MUDA Ibrahim Kodijal, Dr Kripa Amar Alva, President of Beary Sahitya Academy Mohammed Hanif and others were also present.


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  1. I am really ashamed of our own Leaders, who justified the atrocities committed by Tippu Sultan, specially against our fore Fathers.

    • Because your forefathers were supporters of British and they were supported and involved with the British during the wars against Tipu to defeat Tipu and Britishers were hided the weapons in churches; so it is obviously that the war between Tipu and Britishers, that means it does not mean atrocities with Mangalorean Christians, the atrocities with the Britishers.

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