Mangaluru: Another Case of Reckless Driving – Service Bus hits Tempo at Nanthur Junction

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Mangaluru: The Nanthur junction in the city, where two national highways intersect each other, has now become a death-trap for most commuters and pedestrians alike. A number of accidents have been taking place at this spot and many lives have been lost.









On January 3, a bus belonging to Pinto Roadlines plying from Bikkarnakatta towards Kadri collided with a pickup moving from Padua to Pumpwell at this junction. Thankfully, there were no casualties.

For quite long, the Nanthur circle is creating a lot of confusion. During morning hours till 10:30 am, the traffic situation is just chaotic and the cops struggle to keep it moving smoothly. However, the same situation repeats itself in the evening. The state of affairs is worsened by some drivers who are always in a hurry and thus violate all traffic rules. The concerned authorities should take this issue seriously.

Reckless driving has been a major traffic violation and a serious offence. Sometimes the drivers do not even think about the safety of the passengers. They only think of reaching their destination in time at any cost. Bus drivers who sit at a safe height do not seem to care for smaller vehicles.

When our correspondent called the traffic police to gather more information about the accident, they appeared to be unaware of it. They said that no complaint or case has been filed by anyone regarding the accident.

The traffic laws in India are so lax as to just encourage drivers to violate the rules without a second thought. A serious look at the situation is the need of the hour to save loss of lives and property.

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