Mangaluru: Autos Go Off Road to Protest Against Decrease in Minimum Fare

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Mangaluru: Normally, we see auto rickshaws parked near schools, hospitals and marketplaces. But today, the city looked different as the yellow-coloured auto rickshaws were nowhere to be seen. The auto drivers have gone on an indefinite strike from Jan 28.









The minimum auto rickshaw fare was Rs 25. With the decrease in petrol and diesel prices, the Regional Transport Officer brought down the minimum auto fare from Rs 25 to Rs 20, but the auto drivers are not happy with the decision of the RTO.

Speaking to MLC Ivan D’Souza said that without consulting the auto drivers association, the Deputy Commissioner along with the RTO brought down the minimum fare of auto rickshaws to Rs 20. “We are not against the decrease of fare but in the interest of the public, it is necessary to fix the minimum charges. If the DC has brought down the fare based on the decrease of petrol, diesel and gas prices, let the district administration bring down the price also in the hotels and reduce the price of other basic commodities,” he added.

Ivan also said that the maintenance of the auto is high because the cost of oil, tyres and spare parts is very high. While decreasing the auto fare, the district administration should also think of the welfare of the auto owners and drivers.

All the auto drivers unitedly participated in the protest by not running the autos on the road. Not a single auto was found running on the road or in the auto stands.

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