Mangaluru: Beauty Spot ‘Aishwarya’ Inaugurated in City 

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Mangaluru: The Beauty Spot, “Aishwarya” was inaugurated at Jail Road, here on August 28.

Proprietor of, Violet Pereira along with Associate Professor of SDM Law College, Suzamma inaugurated the beauty saloon by cutting the ribbon.

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Addressing the gathering, Violet said that in olden times women were not going out to work but now the time has changed. If both husband and wife work, it will help in leading a normal life as well as in providing good education to the children.

She further said that in this modern era, beauty parlours are essential. “If you go for an interview or any other meetings you need to look smart. The way you dress and look has a significant effect. Curiosity in beautifying themselves begins at a young age and continues throughout life. In this regard, we need more beauty saloons and Beauty Spot Aishwarya has opened its second beauty saloon in the city.” The first one is located at Bikkarnakatte and has been running successfully from the past 12 years.

She also congratulated the owner Vijaya Nair in her venture of opening the beauty saloon in the heart of the city which will cater to the needs of women and also wished her success in her future endeavours.

Congratulating the owner Vijaya Nair, the guest of honour Suzamma said that the beauty saloon is in the heart of the city and will surely serve the needs of women.

Owner of  Beauty Spot Aishwarya  Vijaya Nair welcomed the gathering and also thanked all present.

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