Mangaluru: Bihar Elections a Lesson to All Political Parties – Poojary

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Mangaluru: The Bihar election is a lesson to all the political parties, from the central government to the Panchayat members, said senior Congress leader Janardhan Poojary in a press meet held at the District Congress Office here, on November 9.

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Addressing the mediapersons, Poojary said that the Bihar election is a big lesson to the politicians who misuse their power. “Hate politics will not work. The 125 crore people of this country want development. Farmers have committed suicide but the prime minister did not get time to meet the families of the deceased farmers who made him the PM. Instead of solving the problems in the country, he visited foreign countries and delivered speeches there.” “Are you crazy to deliver speeches?” Poojary said, questioning the PM. “The Bihar election is a lesson to the Sangh Parivar. If the BJP and the Sangh Parivar do not understand the simple logic from the Bihar elections, the BJP will lose in every state. This is a lesson for the PM, that he cannot remain silent and that the BJP will not be the winner in every election.”

Poojary also said that the BJP came to power in the name of Ram, but now they are showing the attitude of Ravana. “Don’t be a Ravana, be a Rama. Don’t fool innocent people,” he said.

Yettinahole project

Lambasting the chief minister’s decision to continue the Yettinahole project, Poojary said that the people of the coastal district have been requesting the CM to stop the project. “Students and various organizations got onto the streets to stop the Yettinahole project. MP Nalin Kumar Kateel staged a protest. Instead of protesting in Mangaluru, let him go to Delhi along with other MPs and stage a protest in front of Modi’s office and pressurise the prime minister to stop the project.”

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He also said that the people of Kolar are also requesting the CM to find a permanent solution to solve the problem of water crises in their district. “Now the project will cost Rs 13,000 crores and when it will be completed, the cost will be more. Be a good administrator. If not, the Congress will also face the same result as the BJP in Bihar,” Poojary said advising Siddaramaiah.

When asked if the Bihar Model formula will cone in other states too, Poojary said, “Congress had 416 seats and now it reached to 44 seats. Poojary is nothing in the party; I am not the general secretary of Congress nor do I have any other post in the party. The Congress party should understand the situation and try to correct their mistakes or else they will also face the same situation,” he warned.

When asked about the decision by the state government to celebrate Tipu Jayanti, Poojary said, “Tipu was a patriot.”

Prashant Poojary Murder case

Speaking on Prashant Poojary’s murder, he said, “Prashant was brutally murdered. I was hurt by this because he is a young man from the Billava community. His mother should have advised Prashant not to join the Sangh Parivar. Why did she not tell him that he is their only bread winner? Why she did not teach him the moral values and guide him?” He added saying, “In many cases, youth of the Billava community have gone to jail.”

Former Mayor Mahabala Marla, Congress Party worker Harikrishna Bantwal, Arun Coelho, Vishwas Das, Corporator Naveen D’Souza, Appi, Nagaveni, Prakash B Saliyan and others were also present.

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