Mangaluru: Biker Mania Engulfs City! European Biker Aras enthralls the Crowd with Dare-Devil Stunts

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Mangaluru: Bike Stunts! Why do they do it? Why are so many riders willing to risk life and limb to perfect their sport bike stunting skills, often sacrificing all of their free time and personal relationships (not to mention, a decent credit rating) in the process? Stunting isn’t like football or rock music, where hard work, talent, commitment and effort might eventually (in theory) land you a million-dollar salary. It’s hard to even consider stunting a sport. It has no sanction, no rules, no governing body, little recognition beyond its participants and, except for very limited exceptions, no real money to be made. One seasoned rider once said that calling yourself a pro stunter just means you live on your girl’s couch and you carry a credit card balance roughly equal to four years’ tuition at a decent private university. If that’s the dream they’re all chasing, then what motivates, drives and inspires stunters to keep investing in the game?





Who better to ask than Aras Gibieza, a Lithuanian -born godfather of modern bike stunt riding? After all, Aras has been stunting since 2006 and ever since then he has been a professional bike stunt man, performing at various bike stunt events throughout the world. Aras Gibieza has been a role model of all the bikers and bike race lovers across the globe. Aras, who is the  winner of the recent Stunt Riding Euro-Cup, has been fascinated by extreme sports from an early age. The 25 year old, Lithuanian stunt rider started off with doing wheelies at age 10, which got him hooked to the two wheels. Since then, he has won many accolades and is determined to become the best stuntman in the world. And this pro-stunter was in Mangaluru as part of the Country’s popular motorbike festival India Bike Week (IBW) which was held on roof-top of City center Mall-KS Rao Rd on January 29 at 5pm, – and this legendary Lithuanian Stunt Rider and Red Bull athlete Aras Gibieza enthralled the media persons and  bike race lovers in the coastal city.

Arunas, or popularly known as Aras Gibieza, has performed at Pune’s leg of the run up to the India Bike Week 2015. He also judged the stunt riding competition held on the same day, where three teams battled it out. Prior to this, he has performed in Jaipur, Ahmedabad and Surat since January 17, 2015. He will now perform in Coimbatore on February 1 and Kochi on February 4. Two of Aras’ favorite stunts include the switchback wheelie and the watchtower. He rides a heavily modified 2003 Kawasaki Ninja ZX6R B1H, and uses the same motorcycle to perform at his competitions and shows.

Aras as won several international competitions in his 10 year career, including the Stunt Riding EuroCup in Lithuania, SBF European Stunt competition in UK, Bulgarian Stunt Competition and the Vertical Trix European Stunt Competition in the United Kingdom. Speaking to me Aras said, ‘“Performing for a crowd that sparks freshness and voice is always an energizing experience. I got to see a celebration of biking brotherhood that brought people together with a special glue that is hard to understand, but wonderful to witness. I am surely coming back here once more. I love India, I love the people here, they are friendly and provide good hospitality. Performing bike stunts means big to me” he added.

IBW On-Tour began from Chandigarh (January 14, 2015) and then proceeded to Jaipur (January 17), Ahmedabad (January 20), Surat (January 22) in the North West and in Pune (January 25), Mangaluru (January 29), Coimbatore (February 1), Kochi (February 4) in the South West part of the country. According to the organizers, the tour will feature highlights from India Bike Week at each of these cities in a five hour-long event. However, their biggest highlight of this edition is the participation of Gibieža. The Big India Bike Week kicks of in Vagator-Goa on February 20-21, 2015.

The India Bike Week On-Tour is a unique initiative that aims to create a  momentum around India Bike Week 2015, marking the second phase of the India Bike Week season leading up to the formal event in Goa on 20-21 February 2015. In this event riders from across country are participating where they will celebrate the spirit and lifestyle of the Indian Biker. Over 6000 bikes of different models will be featured in the Goa event. IBW will engage the biking brotherhood with a 6 month season of activities culminating into one great party in Goa. According to the organisers,  IBW On-Tour is a travelling show that aims to reach out to over 40,000 motorbike fans across eight cities of the country.

Featuring the best of India Bike Week and giving Bikers and Fans an amazing opportunity to experience the passion and sexiness of the Asia’s premier Biker Festival, participants and biking enthusiasts in Mangaluru experienced a pretty good time of high energy Biker and Music concert event featuring Mod and Classic Bikes displays, the IBW Stunt Championship Elimination Event, English band Vice Versa, Burn Out Stages, and the latest bikes and biker gear to be launched in India.

IBW 2015 will be the largest annual gathering of bikers in India’s history and a festival that celebrates the brotherhood of India biking. It will bring together over 12,000 fans including some of India’s biggest biking celebs to Goa, soaking in Indian and international biking trends, new bike launches, products and accessories, music and entertainment. The organizers said , “Mangaluru has the potential since there are way too may budding bikers in this coastal city, and we want to encourage such bikers to be professionals. And that’s the reason Mangaluru was picked as one of the destination of IBW 2015”. The event was compered by Srijit and Raja Mukerjee from Mumbai.

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