Mangaluru: Bikers Wanted to Know the Way, but Snatched Woman’s Chain away! 

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Mangaluru: It happens again and again. There have been cautions in the media over and over warning the public not to expose themselves to hazards like robbery and chain-snatching.

But it is possible that the victims most targeted do not read newspapers. Sarojini, a resident of Bolpugudde, after work at Lady Hill, had travelled by bus up to the stop close to her house late Saturday evening. As she walked past the Mahalingeshwara temple.

Two youngsters arrived in a bike and asked her for the way to go to Yeyyadi. But they already seemed to know the way to relieve her of a valuable ornament.

As she was just giving them the directions, the pillion-rider snatched her gold chain. Thereafter they sped away before she could even scream for help.

In a complaint to the police at Kavoor station, Sarojini has stated that the chain weighed two sovereign and the estimated value was Rs 40,000.

The police have cautioned the public, especially women, not to wear expensive ornaments when walking alone, especially in secluded areas.

Links to a ‘chain’ of snatching instances:

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