Mangaluru: Chancellor Vinay Hegde Inaugurates Aati-Koota at Pilikula

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Mangaluru: The annual ‘Aati Koota’ was inaugurated at Guthina Mane, Pilikula Nisargadhama here, on August 9.

Chancellor of Nitte University Vinay Hegde inaugurated the Aati Koota by planting paddy saplings in the field along with other dignitaries.


Speaking on the occasion, president of Kannada Sahitya Parishat Pradeep Kumar Kalkura said that ‘chikkamela’ is vanishing nowadays. “In the past, chikkamela troupes would go to every house and perform Yakshagana. Nowadays, people are not entertaining them. We need to encourage them to perform in our houses, be it in the DC’s bungalow or any other house or apartment.” He also urged the parents to attend such programmes along with their children to retain our beautiful tradition and culture.

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Later, ‘Aati Kalinja’ dance was performed by Bacche Nalke and his son Prajwal. Thereafter Shree Durgaparmeshwari Kripapositha Chikkamela Permanki troupe performed Yakshagana.

There were various competitions including Aati Kalinja dress competition, Aati Kalinja dance, face painting, Tulu traditional songs, Tala Maddale, Chikkamela Yakshagana, Aati Special delicacies, fresh fish delicacies, quiz on plants and Tulu proverbs, sale and exhibition of fruits, plants, food products and handicrafts, philatelic and numismatic exhibition.

A large crowd thronged to the Guthu Mane to take part in the Aati Koota. There were a number of special Aati delicacies for breakfast and lunch. Women from various organizations prepared 16 special aati delicacies for breakfast.

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Speaking on the occasion, DC Ibrahim said that we have a beautiful tradition and culture but youngsters today do not know what Aati is. “To bring awareness among the youth, we have organized this Koota. We are trying to give a modern touch to Aati. The whole purpose is to bring awareness among the people about the significance of the Aati month. We will prepare a calendar to hold programmes every month. By the end of this month, the calendar will be ready. People have appreciated the initiative by the district administration. In the coming days, we will have programmes in Pilikula to attract tourists,” he said.

Visionary of Pilikula Bharatlal Meena speaking on the occasion said that Pilikula started as an integrated park. It is a place for entertainment for tourists. Families come here to spend their time. There is scope for further development. He said, “We need more finance to develop the Park. Because of the hardwork and efforts of the officials, today Pilikula has grown to a great extent.” He appreciated the arrangements and said that the concept of the celebration is meaningful.

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Executive director of Pilikula Nisargadhama S A Prabhakara Sharma said that Aati Koota is a traditional event. “We want to remind the young people today and sensitize them and also remind elders of their olden days. We are celebrating Aati Koota from the last four years. We have organized various programmes such as Vasantotsava and cultural musical activities. There has been a very good response. Chikkamela and Talamaddale is vanishing now. We need to invite the troupe to our houses or apartments to perform, so that we can keep the Chikkmela Yakshagana alive. There are quiz competitions for children about the plants which are grown in our backyard. We are promoting the events which are related to Pilikula. There are other competitions too and the winners will get cash prizes.”

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He further said that many people have taken part in the event. A large number of visitors also participated.

MLA J R Lobo, MLC Ivan D’Souza, Gururaj Marpalli, Director of Pilikula H Jayaprakash Bhandary, CEO ZP Sreevidya, Yathish Baikampady and others were also present.

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